Nature Study Ideas that Don’t Involve Going Outside

As the winter months quickly approach, it is starting to get colder and colder outside! As the weather continues to drop, the idea of heading out for a nature study when it’s 30 degrees seems less and less fun. On those days when the weather is less than accommodating, you can still enjoy these nature study ideas while also getting to stay inside!

nature study ideas that don't involve going outside

Here are five nature study ideas that don’t involve going outside!

Weather observation

You don’t need to go out into the cold to know that it’s cold! However, you can still do a great weather observation nature study while still inside! If the weather is going to be stormy, track the storm online! 

Check out Weather Wiz Kids to learn about Winter Storms!

If you are expecting snow, discuss the different types of snow! Create a weather station inside your homeschool classroom where you can track temperatures and other weather observations without needing to go outside!

Make a Weather Station with these ideas from National Geographic Kids

Visit nature indoors

This one probably sounds borderline crazy, but there are a bunch of great places you can go to learn about the great outdoors while also being indoors! Look in your local area for places such as nature centers, museums, or even a taxidermist! Many of these types of places will allow you to interact with plants, flowers, and sometimes even animals without having to be outside.

Bird watching

No matter what time of year it is, there is likely to be some type of bird out and about! You may need to get up a little early to catch them, but trust me, they’ll be there! Make a bird feeder to put near your window and observe the different types of animals who come to enjoy your treats! You may even get more than just birds!

Check out this Bird Unit Study

Start a nature journal

Even if you don’t go outside, you can still put together a great nature journal! This journal will allow you to document your findings when you observe through the window. You can even use this opportunity to discuss hibernation with your kids or why animals have their own unique homes to protect them from the weather. Have your kids track what they see in the nature journal and discuss it after they have time to observe. Different animals and even different types of weather can sometimes depend on the time of day, so spending time throughout the day to observe is perfect!

Bring the outdoors inside

On the days when you can make it outside, bring some of that nature indoors with you! Just make sure not to bring any bugs or outside stuff with you that you don’t want indoors! Create a nature themed sensory bin or use these outdoor items for your child’s nature journal. Pinecones, rocks, some plants, and a variety of other types of outdoor elements will still survive for weeks indoors! Take advantage of these items for those days when you don’t want to go outside.

winter-themed printables

Free Winter-Themed Printables

Whether the weather is just plain yucky where you live, or you just don’t want to go outside for your nature study today, I hope these five ideas have inspired you!

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