Hello, my name is Jenny…welcome to Faith And Good Works!

I am so blessed that you have stopped by to visit my corner of the world wide web.

I am a full-time homemaker. Or Household Management Engineer (that’s what I put on our tax forms). So I will be sharing the very many layers of Homemaking from meal planning, organization, cleaning, tips & tricks, daily routines, and much more. This will also include my planner obsession (it’s part of homemaking, really!)

We are a Christ-following family, and this blog will reflect that in some manner- through our life choices, Bible Study Reflections, faith-filled encouragement, and more.

We are a Homeschooling family; you will find lots of posts related to homeschooling. Homeschooling is a lifestyle for our family (as it is with most homeschooling families) and we believe that God has called us to keep our children at home for their education. I will be sharing the many layers of our homeschool life including lessons, planning, curriculum choices, accomplishments & failures, tips & tricks, resources, & even free printables that I create for our homeschool!

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