Using A Morning Time Basket in Your Homeschool

Homeschooling is becoming increasingly more popular each year. If you have decided that homeschooling your children is the right choice for you and your family, then you might be interested in hearing more information about morning time baskets. Incorporating a Morning Time Basket into your homeschool is an excellent way to start your homeschool day off and there are many benefits for your entire family.

morning time basket

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3 Great Reasons for Using A Morning Time Basket in Your Homeschool

Ease your children into their school day.

Using a morning time basket is a pleasant way to start your homeschool day. You can fill your morning time basket with extra activities that you feel are important to squeeze into your child’s day. For instance, you can create a basket filled with art history workbooks, devotionals, books you’d like them to read, etc. Try to put something in the basket that your children will look forward to doing. If your children enjoy starting their day off with a bible study, make sure to include that in your morning basket. The trick here is to add some special activities that your children will enjoy to ease them into the duller subjects. If you start your kids off in a way that helps them wake up and feel motivated, then you’re only doing yourself a favor for the day ahead.

Use this time to bond.

Morning time baskets are a fantastic way to grow and strengthen sibling bonds. For instance, you could pick out a classic novel and have you or your children take turns reading a chapter to each other. If your kids are in a different age group, morning time baskets will give them a chance to learn a subject or topic together. Morning Time Baskets are great for group discussions for all ages. Believe it or not, implementing morning time baskets can really strengthen your children’s bonds to each other and also yourself as well.

Our 2017-2018 Morning Time Basket

Ignite a passion for learning in your children.

Does your child have a hobby or interest to which they are passionate? If so, use their passions in your morning time basket. It’s important to encourage your child’s interests as they can lead to essential skills that are necessary for their future careers. You can use your morning time basket to include topics that your children are interested in or have a passion for learning about. Morning Time Baskets are a great way to determine your child’s strengths and also where they can improve. Using a morning time basket, you have the opportunity to know where to focus more attention when teaching your daily lessons. There is nothing more pleasing than to see your kids excited about learning. Morning time baskets are the perfect way to show your children the important things they need to know and keep them thinking about new ways of learning and having fun!

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons for using a Morning Time Basket in your homeschool.

Do you have a Morning Time Basket in your homeschool? What do you have in your morning time basket?

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