Teaching Math Using CTC Math:  When Math Isn’t Your Thing

Teaching Math Using CTC Math:  When Math Isn’t Your Thing

Each homeschooling parent has their struggles. One of my biggest struggles is teaching my kids math. Math hasn’t always been my strong point or as I always say “math isn’t my thing.” I used to grow super frustrated about it. However, I did a little research and we tried a few things and decided that using CTC Math was the way to go for our family. Here are some reasons you’ll find us using CTC Math in our homeschool.CTC Math

Easy to understand how it works

A lot of curriculum is hard for the parent and for the student to figure out. This could be what makes CTC Math so appealing: how easy it is to use. Each CTC Math tutorial lasts 4-9 minutes and is done in a step-by-step manner. Each math lesson is taught using a stimulating method that keeps interested in what they’re learning. What homeschool mom or dad could argue with this approach?

Interactive questions for the win

After your child has gone through the step by step tutorial, they are directed to interactive questions. Some lessons may come with an optional printable worksheet that can be used to see if your child has mastered the skills. We love the one-page summaries available. These are simple one-page summaries that condense what your child has learned during that lesson. It’s a quick note worksheet that they can look back on as a refresher.

Showing your child what they got wrong

Anyone can take a test and have answers marked wrong, but here is why CTC Math is so different. When the answers have been submitted, solutions become available that show you and your child how to get the right answer. This is nice for students because knowing how to get the right answer is a great way to help the students retain the information.


As you use CTC Math, you will notice they have made everything easier on parents. An ongoing progress report is built for each child, so you know what their weak and strong points are. You don’t have to wait or guess where your children need help, you can see it right away.

So, I will say this again, parents when math isn’t your thing, make sure you check out CTC Math. It’s been a perfect fit for our family and has helped us love math again.

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