Summer Storms Unit Study

If there’s one thing summertime has, it is its fair share of summer storms. This is all the more reason to add a summer storm unity study to your homeschool lesson plans. Below are lots of ideas for putting together your very own unit study. Simply bookmark this page so you can come back and conveniently reference it!

Free summer storms unit study.

Summer Storms Unit Study

Fun Facts About Summer Storms

Every good unit study starts with some form of information-giving and fact-study. When it comes to summer storms, there are lots of cool things to learn about. Here are a few facts to teach your kids about summer thunderstorms:

  • An updraft can exceed 100 mph in the strongest thunderstorms.
  • The top of a storm gets smooshed.
  • A thunderstorm dies once the cool air of the downdraft cuts off the flow of warm air to the updraft.
  • Not all thunderstorms are the same.
  • Hail bounces around like popcorn.
  • Thunderstorms are electrifying.
  • Storms are pretty heavy.
  • Storms block out the sun.

Books About Storms

Reading books can always help teach certain points and concepts, especially when it comes to learning about the weather. Consider adding a few books to your storms unit study. Here are a few good ones to check out:

  • Storms (National Geographic Kids)
  • When the Storm Comes
  • The Storm Book
  • Changing Weather: Storms
  • Storm is Coming!
  • Weather (National Geographic Kids)
  • Super Storms
A summer storm in a country.

Videos About Storms

Thanks to platforms like YouTube, there are tons of educational videos just a click away. Although kids can most likely witness their own summer storm in person, it also helps to give them other ways to see them too. Below are some of the best storm-related videos I could find:

Storm STEM Activities

What’s a unit study without having something hands on? With the rise of STEM/STEAM, incorporating a few experiments and activities will make learning about summer storms much more fun. Here are some to try:

Free summer storms unit study resource pack.

Summer Storms Unit Study Resource (FREE!)

Adding to all the other storm-related resource, I created a free printable pack to help you teach your kids about summer storms while giving them creative activities to do as well. In my Summer Storms Unit Study pack, you’ll have an informational prompt that teaches all about summer storms.

Your kids can enjoy a facts and fun fill-in-the-blank worksheet, a word search puzzle, creative writing prompts, and more supplemental learning resources! It’s totally free so click below to get your copy now!


I’d love to hear from you! Do your kids like storms? What are some of their favorite unit studies? Let me know in the comments below!

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