Stocking Your Pantry with Savings in September

September will be here soon, which means more indoor family meals for us as the weather starts to cool down a bit. Also, busier schedules as homeschool lessons start back up full swing, so homecooked meals need to be simple and quickly put together. Stocking your pantry makes family dinners and meal planning so simple. And as a bonus, cooking meals in the colder months helps warm the house up! You can take advantage of the colder weather and stock up on some great deals to get a head start on your winter pantry stock!

stocking your pantry

Stocking Your Pantry with Savings in September


Apples – This is an excellent time of year to stock up on apples. You’ll need enough to get you through until late winter. If you want to preserve your apples by dehydrating, Fuji or Granny Smith are your best choices. If you’re a canner, then you can make applesauce or use this recipe to can several quarts of apple pie filling. Most varieties store well in cool, dry places with adequate ventilation.

Beans – Beans usually go on sale in September. These are an inexpensive protein source for many families and having a pot of beans on the stove is a great way to keep the house warm. Beans store well for long periods of time, but they will dry out and become brittle if you save them too long.

Cucumbers – If your garden didn’t give you a bounty of cucumbers, then September is the best time to buy them on sale. We add cucumbers to salad, and I make a wide variety of pickles from cucumbers. Try this easy refrigerator dill pickle recipe from Self Proclaimed Foodie.

Squash – Stock up on squashes in September, and pack your homemade spaghetti sauce full of healthy veggies! Zucchini can be grated and frozen for later use in zucchini bread, but it doesn’t dehydrate very well.

Grapes – If you want some sweet treats without having anything with refined sugar in the house, grapes are a great snack. We pop them into the freezer in small bunches. They are great for those still warm fall days when you work up a sweat raking leaves or stacking firewood.

Pears – Like apples, pears store well in cool, dry areas. You can also dehydrate pears, and pear sauce is an excellent addition to breakfast.

Peanut Butter – Because of the back to school rush, peanut butter often goes on sale in September. You can pick up Smucker’s peanut butter at Wal-Mart, and Thrive Market also carries a selection. If you’re looking for jelly to finish off your PBJ, it’s likely to be on sale as well. Crofters and Cascadian Farm are the most popular brands of organic, non-GMO jellies, jams, and fruit spreads.

Other Items to Stock Up On in September to Save Money

Vitamins and Supplements – Because September is Diabetes Awareness month, diabetic supplies are usually on sale. This may include many of your favorite supplements. For non-GMO brands, be on the lookout for Honest Company and Garden of Life.

In September, you will also find many gardening supplies on sale. Pick up gardening essentials to help your garden grow next season to stock your pantry with fresh foods.

What are you stocking your pantry with in September?

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