5 Ways to Start Your Day with Jesus

Starting your day with Jesus isn’t always easy. As a busy wife, homeschooling mom, and blogger… trust me, I get it. Most days I do well to simply keep up with the time, let alone remember what day of the week it is. That’s why it’s so important to make starting your day with Jesus a priority. To help you see past the task of creating a mundane routine, keep reading for 5 unique and practical ways to start putting your Jesus-time first and sticking with it.

start your day with jesus

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Starting Your Days with Jesus

You’ll notice that I used the words “task” and “mundane.” Those actions are typically what happens when we think of adding something else to our plate. However, I don’t want you to see your morning devotional time as anything less than joyous and worthwhile. 

As you read my suggestions, keep in mind that you don’t have to do the same thing every morning. It’s totally okay to switch it up. Even as a homeschooling mom, I know you’ll be tempted to stick with a concrete schedule, but I challenge you to be creative. 

1 Start with a morning prayer.

If you think your morning devotional time has to be filled with all types of things, you’ve got it all wrong. Jesus doesn’t expect us to come with a big performance. Instead, He just wants us. Period. Sometimes simply starting your morning with prayer is all it will take to fellowship with Him and get your morning started on the right foot.

This can easily be incorporated into your morning circle time with your children, or done alone before everyone else wakes up.

2 Worship with your favorite songs.

There’s some simple, but powerful about putting on your favorite Christian music playlist and getting your day started. You can also use worship music to start a family circle time or easily transition into doing something different. Start by explaining to your children what it means when they hear the music. Get them involved by adding their favorite songs to the playlist. Then, have a worshiping good time!

3 Read daily devotionals.

If you’re looking for something already laid out for you and easy to use with the family, consider using daily devotionals. These are perfect if you have more than just a few minutes to spare. Oftentimes, devotionals can be used as great conversation starters and bible studies.

4 Use a bible reading plan.

There are lots of apps that have bible reading plans for any subject or topic. Choose one that is most convenient to the time you have set apart. If there is a particular concept you are studying with your children, look for a reading plan that would compliment it. Use this as extra study while starting your day with Jesus.

5 Use a bible journal.

Bible journaling offers a way to connect deeper with God and reflect on what you’re reading. You can use a bible reading plan, devotional, or bible reading challenge as prompts for journaling. Combine another suggestion and play some worship music as you and your children journal away. This is another way to enjoy time with Jesus as a family all while getting your day started with joy.

Starting Your Day with Jesus for All Ages

Although it’s a great idea to have a schedule, it’s even more important to stay on track with a practical routine that doesn’t feel like a chore. Mix and match these suggestions to create something that works perfectly for helping get your morning started on the right foot. Each of these are compatible for families with children of all ages.

Keep in mind the amazing example you are setting for your family and the relationship you will continue to build with Jesus!

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