6 Snow-Based Activities to Enjoy with Kids

Some people look at snow as a nuisance, but homeschoolers look at snow as a chance to learn and explore! When the flurries hit, take a look below at these 6 snow-based educational activities to enjoy with kids. These activities will allow kids to explore snow in a hands on way that will keep them interested and wanting to learn more.

snow-based activities

Snow-based activities for fun & Learning

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Try some snow painting

Fill spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring per bottle. Shake well. Then just head outdoors and start painting! Look for an untouched patch of snow and start spraying on assorted colors and designs. This is a fun way to use snow as your canvas and let imaginations run wild.


2. Add snow to your sensory bins

KIds love to manipulate snow. Be sure to add some snow to your sensory bins along with small measuring cups, mini shovels, spoons, and plastic dishes. Kids will enjoy playing make believe kitchen with the snow, watching it melt, and scooping/digging in it. This is a great way to exercise those fine motor skills.

3. Try to Catch a single snowflake

It is much harder than it may seem! Go outdoors in black gloves and see if you can catch a single snowflake. Or, you can try catching the flake on a piece of black craft paper. Be sure you have a magnifying glass on hand so you can investigate these single flakes before they melt! When you are done, see if you can create a paper snowflake that looks like the one you caught.

4. plan and build a snowman

Grab a pencil and poster board and plan out the perfect snowman. Talk about what his size will be, the materials you will use, and how he will be constructed. Once you have a good plan, start creating your snowman. When you are done you can take his measurements, or even create a story/writing prompt based on him. Oh, and don’t forget to take a snowman selfie when you are done.

5. Discover facts about snow

How much do you really know about snow? Head to the library or internet and see what fun snow facts you can find. What was the largest snowflake ever found? Where in the world does the most snow accumulate? What is the record snowfall for your city/state?

See if you can find 10 fun snow facts that you can share with each other. Create a colorful poster board that shares these facts. The poster board will also be a great reference item for later.

6. try some snow focused creative writing

First, see if you can find any famous poems, songs, or books based on snow. You will be amazed at how many beautiful pieces are out there! If you wish, you can even create a snow themed book bin for your homeschool, so kids can help themselves to snow books all season long.

Now, try writing your own snow based poem or story. Focus on using adjectives to describe snow and bring your writing to life as much as possible. When you are done, you can share your writing with others. Younger children may wish to draw illustrations instead, which is also acceptable.

So when the winter months hit, let it snow! Then, gather your materials and give one of these 6 snow-based educational activities to enjoy with kids a try. They are sure to keep kids active and interested all season long.

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