What’s in Our Morning Time Basket for September?

This year our Morning Time Basket will be done a bit differently from last year. I am hoping to make it a constant part of our daily homeschool routine. Our September Morning Time Basket is filled with a mix of subjects and topics, from Christian Heroes to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Not familiar with Using a Morning Time Basket in Your Homeschool?

Last year our Morning Time Basket was hyper-focused on Bible and Devotionals, which I had hoped would ensure that our homeschool year would be centered & rooted in Christ. The boys burned out quickly. Not because they lost interest in studying God’s Word instead, I think it was just too much ALL THE TIME. So our Morning Time Basket only lasted a short time before it fizzled out. On a super-positive note though, both boys came to Christ this past summer during tent revival, so something must have stuck!

september morning time basket

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What’s In Our September Morning Time Basket?

Our Morning Time Basket will consist of Bible Knowledge, Bible Stories, Missionary Studies, Copywork for handwriting practice, Geography, Nature Study, Artist Study, Poetry, and few things “just for fun”. All of these subjects & topics will not be covered every day, some are daily subjects and some are looping subjects.

In trying to maintain our homeschool shoestring budget, I am doing my best to keeping with these tricks that I have learned over the last 14 years of our homeschool journey. The majority of items that we are using in our Morning Time Basket are resources that we already had on hand. Most of these books were purchased on sale, second-hand, or with gift cards. A few of the books will be used as a spine for our studies throughout the year.

Daily Subjects in Our Morning Time Basket


Bible Knowledge & Missionary Studies – 

The spine of our Bible Knowledge studies will be What the Bible is All About this year, starting with the Book of Genesis for September.

I purchased a copy of Illustrated Family Bible Stories at Ollie’s for only $2.99. We will be reading the stories throughout the year, coordinating it with what we are learning in What the Bible is All About.

For our Missionary Studies, we are reading the Christian Heroes: Then & Now Series and using To Every Nation by Not Consumed. Our first Missionary is Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar.  I have also created a Missionary Studies: Mary Slessor Pinterest board for more resources that we can add to our study.

Missionary study

Copywork – 

For copywork, we will use our fall poem, the Pledge of Allegiance, Scripture, and quotes from Mary Slessor.


Looping Subjects in Our Morning Time Basket

Geography –

Elementary Geography by Charlotte Mason True story – I discovered $50 in unused Amazon Gift Cards in my Swagbucks account last month, so I bought this book (and a couple of other books).


Nature Study – 

For nature studies this fall, we are going to be reading through Farm Anatomy. We will probably skip around in the book, depending what interests the boys.


Artist Study – 

Discovering Great Artists will the spine of our Artist Study. We are starting with Renoir because we already have this book, Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Pierre Auguste Renoir in our homeschool library. We may include a few activities from my Artist Study: Pierre Renoir Pinterest board.


Poetry –

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children

For September, we are reading & memorizing the poem Harvest Home by Arthur Guiterman.

Just for Fun – 

Mad Libs (from the Dollar Tree)


Well, that’s it. Everything in our September Morning Time Basket. Hopefully, it is an entertaining and educational mixture of resources that will keep my boys interested and learning!

What’s in Your September Morning Time Basket?

Morning Time Basket Pinterest Board

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