Seasons of a Tree Diorama

The theme for Nature Book Club in November is Trees. There are so many great books about trees for kids that we really had a hard time narrowing it down to just one book for our main unit study book. I knew for the main art project I wanted to create a tree diorama because Everett really loves “constructing” things. So I wanted to choose a book that would tie into the art project.

seasons of a tree diorama

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When I came across the pyramid pattern in the Big Book of Books by Dinah Zike, I knew exactly which book we were going to use for our art project.

I put together the pyramids ahead of time. I used cardstock but you could also use construction paper or even copy paper if that is what you have. Everett really could have done this part on his own, as it was pretty simple.

Then I drew a tree pattern on a folded piece of brown cardstock. I cut out four trees and folded a small lip at the bottom of each tree so that they could be glued into the diorama.

Everett and I sat down to read the book that we chose for this project, The Four Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree. We do have a particular fondness for books by Gail Gibbons. We read them alot! Although this book is not really “funny” we did laugh quite a bit because it seems that I cannot say the name Arnold without Everett then saying “sportsanator” — that’s how he says Schwarzenegger.

After giggling our way through the book, I set out all of the supplies for Everett to create the tree diorama. We used supplies that we had on hand to make our seasons of a tree diorama.

Supplies List:

  • 4 sheets of light brown cardstock or construction paper for the pyramid pattern – this could be any color really, we used light brown.
  • 1 sheet of yellow cardstock or construction paper for fall leaves.
  • 2 sheets of dark brown cardstock or construction paper for the tree trunks.
  • Red dot stickers or red construction paper for apples on the fall tree.
  • craft moss or green construction paper for spring & summer leaves.
  • cotton or polyfil for snow on the winter tree.
  • white tissue paper (we used toilet paper) for apple blossoms.
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tree pattern

Everett used the book as a reference to make his trees.

He used polyfil for the snow on his winter tree. You could also use cotton balls or just white paper.

Biscuit the Cat is supervising the art project.

Everett used yellow cardstock to make leaves for his fall tree and crafters moss for his spring and summer trees. He put red circle stickers for apples on his fall tree and small pieces of toilet paper on the spring tree for apple blossoms.

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