Scripture Copywork for Morning Devotional Time with Keys for Kids

I have been wanting to add some scripture copywork to our morning devotional time with Keys for Kids. I searched their website to see if there was anything available but didn’t find anything. So I thought I could create some basic copywork pages for each week.

We have a free one-year subscription to the printed quarterly devotional, so I can prepare the copywork pages ahead of time. Each week, I will make two different copywork pages with the Key Verse from the daily devotional – one for Eli to copy and one for Everett to trace.

Are you using Keys for Kids? Do you want to add a little scripture copywork to your devotional time?

You can download the printables for this coming week by clicking on the link below.

 Keys for Kids Devotional Copywork – Week of October 3

Free Scripture Copywork
Free Scripture Copywork to Use with Keys for Kids Devotional

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