For the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to review GPALOVEMATH, an online math program by GPA LEARN.

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GPALOVEMATH is a fun, interactive web based math program created by GPA LEARN (Great Parents Academy). Each level of this online math program uses animated characters as “Learning Coaches” to guide each student through a recommended curriculum path for an entire year. Each student will learn math skills at their own pace in a game format while the software tracks their progress and provides real-time data to parents and teachers.

GPALOVEMATH offers a full year math curriculum for $149/year per child (or $12.99/month) for grades K-5 with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Right now there is a special introductory price of $129/year with the promo code GPAINTRO15.

GPALOVEMATH is not a download, it is an online program that you can use at home on your PC (MS Windows) or Apple MAC Computer, as well as, an Apple Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 4….so learning on the go is possible if you have wi-fi access! You can use different internet browsers such as, Safari and Firefox, however Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

GPALOVEMATH has several great features.

One of the great features is the motivational reward system. Parents can choose from a list of over 100 different rewards for their student to earn after completing 4 or 5 lessons each week. Some of the rewards to be earned include: extra television time, later bed time, trips to get ice cream, and parent does a chore for the child. Parents can also create their own rewards to fit their child and family.

Another great feature are the emails that the parents receive when a lesson has been completed and weekly summary emails that include completed lessons and lesson scores for their child.

For the purpose of this review, we were given a full year access to GPALOVEMATH. We chose to use this program with our son, Eli (9 years old). This program is very well organized and easy to navigate for both parent and student. One of the features that I specifically liked was that Eli could complete the lessons totally independent because the “Learning Coach” talked him through each step of the lesson, practice section, and quiz. This was especially beneficial to us because Eli is not yet a strong reader and gets frustrated when he has to read ALL the time. Unfortunately though, the voices of the characters are strongly robotic sounding and at times were hard for Eli to understand. This issue alone made it difficult for Eli to enjoy the program as much as I had hoped he would. That being said, I would still highly recommend this program for anyone to try. I do plan to encourage Eli to continue to use GPALOVEMATH to finish out the grade level and I will definitely try the program with Everett (4 years old) when he is a little older and ready for a full math curriculum.

You can find GPA LEARN on social media:

Although this program didn’t work perfectly for us, I encourage you to read more reviews from my fellow Review Crew members to see what they have to say about GPALOVEMATH.

GPA Learn Review

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    Shame about the voices but a good idea. Hopefully they will update the little things on your feedback. Bloggers have great ideas 😉 Lovely review #KidTested

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