Books to Read During Shark Week for Summer Homeschooling

Shark fans everywhere are getting ready to spend a week staring at the television for the exciting and thrilling Shark Week on The Discovery Channel. Sitting in front of the tv for an entire week watching Shark Week may sound fun & exciting for the kiddos, but why not push pause on the t.v. and add a few books to read during Shark Week too?

books to read during shark week

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Fun Books to Read During Shark Week

Big Shark has big teeth; Little Shark has little teeth. Big Shark swims fast; Little Shark swims slow. But they are both hungry! Will they each succeed in finding a tasty snack? Little Shark is hoping that he won’t become fast food for Big Shark! ~from Amazon

Clark is a shark with zing, bang, and BOOM. He zooms into school, crashes through the classroom, and is rowdy at recess. Clark loves life—but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends, Clark’s teacher, Mrs. Inkydink, helps him figure out a way to tone it down. ~from Amazon

From the smallest (the dwarf lantern) to the largest (the whale shark), the most notorious (the great white) to the most obscure (the goblin), the Cat explains why sharks have lots of teeth but no bones; how their tough skin helps them swim fast and stay clean (inspiring scientists–and bathing suit manufacturers!); how pores along the sides of their bodies help them sense prey; that they have more to fear from us than we do from them, and much, much more! ~from Amazon

Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will dive into this Step 2 Reader with the Kratt brothers as they activate their Creature Power Suits to swim with sharks, whales, and other wild sea creatures! ~from Amazon

This is the story of a woman who dared to dive, defy, discover, and inspire. This is the story of Shark Lady. An inspiring story by critically acclaimed zoologist Jess Keating about finding the strength to discover truths that others aren’t daring enough to see. Includes a timeline of Eugenie’s life and many fin-tastic shark facts! ~from Amazon

Books to Read During Shark Week that are FULL of Shark Information

Dive into Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures Visual Encyclopedia to discover everything there is to know about the ocean’s biggest predators. ~from Amazon

Super Shark Encyclopedia uncovers the secrets of the oceans by exploring a remarkable array of 80 sharks and other sea creatures — from Barrel Shrimp to Blue Sharks, Starfish to Bat Fish, and Hammerhead Sharks to Sandtiger Sharks, plus surfing penguins, deep-sea monsters, rays, eels and more. ~from Amazon

Gliding through the water at breakneck speeds–a fin, just skimming the surface of the water. The biggest jaws you’ve ever seen. These are the iconic images that flash through all our minds when we think of sharks, but there’s so much more to know about these majestic predators of the sea. ~from Amazon

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Extras to enjoy as you read during Shark Week

It’s not a book, however, your shark fanatic is sure to love to snuggle into this Shark Snuggie to read during Shark Week.

And you could play this fun card game too!

I hope you enjoy your Shark Week! Don’t forget to check out these Fun (Educational) Shark Week Activities for a fin-tastic week of summer homeschooling.

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