Hello, my name is Jenny…welcome to Faith And Good Works!

I am so blessed that you have stopped by to visit my corner of the world wide web.

Faith And Good Works Blog

Faith And Good Works is my personal space to reflect on and share the topics that are most meaningful to my family and me.


We are a Christ-following family, and this blog will reflect that in some manner- through our life choices, Bible Study Reflections, faith-filled encouragement, and more.


We are a Homeschooling family so you will definitely find lots of posts related to homeschooling. Homeschooling is a lifestyle for our family (as it is with most homeschooling families). I will be sharing reflections on the many layers of our homeschool life-lessons, planning, curriculum choices, accomplishments & failures, tips & tricks, & even free printables that I create for our lessons!


I am a full-time homemaker. Or Household Management Engineer (that’s what I put on our tax forms). So I will be sharing, from time to time, my reflections on the very many layers of Homemaking. This will also include my planner obsession and possibly stuff from my Etsy shop. (it’s part of homemaking, really!)

We have just recently begun a new journey, Homesteading. We are in the beginning stages- getting the land ready, building a house, etc.  I am excited to start sharing more about this journey with you!


I have a few Hobbies that I will occasionally share with you – photography, crocheting, crafts, & DIY stuff. I am also a Genealogy nut; I have another blog for that though (sadly, it has been at a standstill for some time, hoping to start back up soon though).

I will also be sharing with you our journey into learning to eat healthy & natural, becoming physically healthy, Essential Oils, and more as we begin our new Healthy Lifestyle.

And finally, although it isn’t mentioned in the tagline, there will be a Habadashery of miscellaneous posts such as giveaways, product reviews, and other fun blogging things.

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