Our 2015-16 Homeschool Curriculum

We have lived  in Kentucky, which is an especially homeschool-friendly state, for two years now. The only legal requirements is to send in a Letter of Intent each year. The past two years we have been on a Year-round unschooling schedule, only taking breaks for a week or two at a time. The boys have enjoyed directing their learning with topics that interest them -mostly Nature Studies, Minecraft, & Terraria- with a few planned lessons and field trips thrown in.

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Our 2015-16 homeschool year is taking turn towards more structure because we will be moving back to Ohio sometime in the next 9 months to a 6-acre “farm”. I say “farm” because it isn’t yet a farm, just 6-acres of beautiful land that we will be building on!  Ohio has more legal requirements for homeschooling, one being that a portfolio of school work has to reviewed by a certified teacher. So I thought we better just start our year out with more structure instead of trying to jump into it later while adjusting to a new home too.

A few weeks ago I shared   our homeschool calendar   on Instagram, we will still be keeping a year-round schedule.

So far this school year, we have had two camping trips with lots of “survival skills” learned. The boys have also helped in a few projects around the land to prepare it for building our house, starting our gardens, and lots of observation in the woods with Dad getting ready for hunting season. There will be several more camping trips in the next few months (yes, even in the winter) while we get ready to move to “the farm” in Ohio.


We are using  Five In A Row  as the base of our homeschool curriculum  for both Eli (10 years old) & Everett (5 years old). Five In A Row {FIAR}  is a Literature-based Unit Study curriculum that has four manuals with a list of 10 to 12 different books, each book then has suggested activities from Social Studies to Art to Math and more that are based around the book. I chose FIAR because it has a tremendous amount of “freedom” to learn, with the structure of the suggested activities; as well as the possibility to scurry down  “rabbit trails” when the boys come across a topic/subject that really interests them.

Since we are using an actual curriculum this year, I had to really pay attention to our homeschool budget – $130 a month/12 months – (WAY more than we have usually had in the past 10 years!). $1560 a year…it seems like a lot, but that covers everything from supplies to field trips, so it really isn’t. Even though I have purchased most of the FIAR manuals and some of the suggested books from second-hand sources, they have been a big chunk of our budget spent (about $200). I am still on the lookout for a few more books and the 4th Manual but they aren’t “needed” items for this year – I just would like to have a full curriculum set for later.

So here is the rest of our 2015-16 homeschool curriculum, most of which, is free or was purchased in a previous year.

Bible & Character Study 

Our main Bible Study Curriculum:  Bible Road Trip – Year One (free bonus gift with NotebookingPages.com membership)

What’s In The Bible  (DVD Set-monthly subscription) – These DVD’s are used in the Bible Road Trip curriculum.

Keys for Kids Devotionals (free)

Kids of Intergrity  (free)

Rules of the Road  (DVD Set-monthly subscription)

We will be using  The Peleg Chronicles  Chapter Book set as a daily read a loud. (I won these awhile back in a giveaway)

Curriculum Supplement Resources

We will be doing Daily Learning Binders (I will be posting about these very soon!) each morning.

NotebookingPages.com Membership (special half-price deal last year)

Homeschool Share (for free Lapbooks)

Free Lapbooks from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Educational Shows on Netflix (monthly subscription)

YouTube Videos (free)

Language Arts

Phonics by the Book from This Reading Mama (free)

Language Tune Up Kit (free download version)

Easy Peasy Getting Ready 1 from All In One Homeschool  (free)

Letter of the Week from No Time for Flashcards (free)

Teach Your Monster to Read (free)


Math is Fun (free)

Easy Peasy Math 3 from All In One Homeschool  (free)

Social Studies

Stories of Early America ($.50 at Goodwill)

The Landmark History of the American People ($.50 at Goodwill)

It Happened In America ($1.50 at Goodwill)

Geo-Boxes from Homeschool Swapping Adventures

American Grub by Lynn Kuntz and Jan Fleming ($.50 at Goodwill)

Nature Study

The Nature Connection by Clare Walker Leslie (purchased a couple years ago & it’s just been sitting on the bookshelf!)

Fine Arts

Piano Lessons 4 Children (free)

Famous Paintings-Art Appreciation Lesson for Kids from Garden of Praises (free)

Composer Study using Classics for Kids  (free)

Foreign Language

Online Free Spanish (free)

Physical Education

Thursday Throwdown-Bowling (once a month-$25 Monthly; includes pizza lunch)

Bike rides & neighborhood walks


Elliot’s Chess School – Pawn Level (review product from a few years ago)


Well there it is, our 2015-16 Homeschool Curriculum.  As for our budget, our main expenses will be  from the monthly DVD & Netflix subscriptions ($43.00) and our monthly  bowling ($25.00)….that’s $816 of our $1560, leaving (after the $200 for FIAR books) $544 for field trips and printer ink & paper for the year. And since my printers ink is so flipping expensive, there will be lots of FREE field trips this year.

Have you put your 2015-16 Homeschool Curriculum together yet?


If you are still looking for curriculum for your homeschool year, I have an album on my Facebook page of homeschool books that I have for sale – you can get something for a good price and help me put money back in to our homeschool budget!

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