Morning Basket for Multiple Ages

Our Morning Basket is for high school and elementary-aged students. In our Morning Basket for multiple ages, we will be including Bible, Chapter Book & Picture Book Read Alouds, Character Education, Astronomy, and Geography, as well as some extras that are a bit more fun & entertaining (but still educational).

morning basket for multiple ages

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Not sure what a Morning Basket is?

All of the subjects and resources in our Morning Basket will be on a looping schedule, meaning we will not use all of the resources every single day. We will rotate through each subject and resource to make sure that this basket lasts the entire homeschool year.

Keeping track of our Morning Basket schedule is easy with this simple planning page, which I keep in a 3-ring binder in our morning basket.

What’s in Our Morning Basket for Multiple Ages?


Each of my boys have Bible Study time with their own devotionals, but I like for us to start our homeschool day together in the Word.

Worship Music (usually we just turn on K-Love)

Praying the Prayers of the Bible for Kids

078993: Praying the Prayers Of The Bible For Kids Praying the Prayers Of The Bible For Kids
By James Banks & Cindy Kenney / Discovery House

The Bible Made Easy for Kids

11694X: The Bible Made Easy For Kids The Bible Made Easy For Kids
By Dave Strehler / Christian Art Gifts

Fruit of the Spirit Scripture Study

Writing Truth – Scripture Copywork from (Free)

Bible Verse Copywork from Bible Story Printables (Free)

Character Education

311834: Drive Thru History America: Foundations of Character Drive Thru History America: Foundations of Character
By David Barton & Nita Thomason / Focus on the Family

Read Alouds 

Since we are studying American History, most of our Morning Basket read-alouds will be historical fiction and non-fiction chapter books & picture books. And yes…even my high school kiddo listens during read-aloud time.

Almost all of the read-aloud books in our Morning Basket this year, we have in our personal homeschool library, so we won’t have to take trips to the library (bonus: no late fees – anyone else terrible about returning library books on time?)

A few of the chapter book read alouds will be on Audible so that we can listen to them in the car when traveling on errands or to visit family. I usually use the free book credit to “buy” these books.

Occasionally, we will complete notebooking pages and/or oral reports about what we read during our read-aloud time.

Chapter Books

The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud (This is not historical fiction or non-fiction, it is a faith-based chapter book.) (own)

571998: Amazing Tales of Max & Liz, Volumes 1 & 2 Amazing Tales of Max & Liz, Volumes 1 & 2
By Jenny Cote / AMG Publishers

America’s Hidden History (own)

My Brother Sam is Dead (own)

28023DF: An Instructional Guide for Literature: My Brother Sam Is Dead - PDF Download [Download] An Instructional Guide for Literature: My Brother Sam Is Dead – PDF Download [Download]
By Suzanne Barchers / Shell Education

Charley Skeddadle (own)

Stone Fox – (own – we have an older, hardback copy of this book.)

The Legend of Bass Reeves (Audible)

Pocahontas: True Princess (own)

Bud, not Buddy (Audible)

Picture Books

Ox-Cart Man (own)

Boston Tea Party (own – I actually found this book at The Dollar Tree in paperback.)

The Last Brother (own)

Boss of the Plains (I may have to find this one at the library)

Seaman’s Journal (I will have to buy this one)


Geography through Literature by Beautiful Feet Books

8766945: Geography Through Literature 4 book pack Geography Through Literature 4 book pack
By Rea Berg / Beautiful Feet Books


We will be reading from a few of the books on this list from Storybook Explorations.


Extras are just for fun, educational breaks from the other subjects.

It Happened in America (This is a fun book, with short stories about interesting events that happened in America.)

Dangerous Book for Boys (Doesn’t this just sound like a fun book for boys?)

Mad Libs

A variety of fun & educational games.

What’s in your Morning Basket for the 2020-2021 Homeschool Year? I would love to see, so leave a comment and let me know!

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    Hello! I love your website and thank you for sharing our resource, the Free Scripture Writing Copy Book from Homeschool dot com. I was hoping that you might be able to update the page link. The page you are directing to was just for the August printable. But, here is the link to the entire copy work full-year ebook download. www (dot) homeschool (dot) com/articles/writing-truth-copy-work-ebook/

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      I will gladly update the link. I look forward to using your Scripture Writing Copy Work with my boys this year. Thank you for visiting my website!

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