Measuring Distance With Paper Planes {Free Printable}

Next week we will be on a shortened homeschooling schedule while we unpack and get organized in our new home. With most of our books and school materials in a storage unit, we will rely mostly on printable, digital, and/or online resources. I am planning a few fun & simple learning activities through out the week to ensure that we get some school completed.

Amelia Earhart Dmeasuring distance with paper planesay is July 24th so I thought it would be fun to have a few activities ready to learn about Amelia Earhart, flying, & planes.

I have gathered up a list of resources to create a unit study about Amelia Earhart that I am sharing over at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom. There are several activities on this list that I have printed out and put them in a folder to keep in the bins that hold all of our current curriculum. (Originally there were only 3 bins, now there’s 6!)

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We will be “reading” Who Was Amelia Earhart on Audible, using this playlist on YouTube to watch documentaries, and I will make sure that there is plenty of copy paper available for creating paper planes – one of the boys favorite activities.  I created this worksheet to go along with our paper plane building. This simple activity will keep the boys occupied {and they will learn some math skills!} for a bit while I attempt to unpack and organize a few things in the cabin.


measuring distance - amelia earhart unit study

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  1. Trena

    Looks like a great list of books! My son loves making different paper airplanes and “testing” which flies further.

  2. Rebecca Reid

    OOOO fun! Amelia Earhart would be a great excuse for playing with paper plans. Thanks for the fun!

  3. Carlen

    This is SO fun, we will be doing this soon! Thanks for posting!

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