Johnny Appleseed Lapbook

We were studying Johnny Appleseed (his birthday was September 26) this week.  I thought that we would try something new – making a Johnny Appleseed Lapbook. In my internet searching, I came across the free printable lapbook mini-books on Homeschool Share {LOVE this site!}, as well as other printables from DLTK’s Crafts for Kids. I also used some activities from a copy of a Teacher’s Mailbox magazine that I got at a recent library book sale for just a few pennies.

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Using Free or Nearly Free Resources to Create a Johnny Appleseed Lapbook

Since this was our first lapbook, I wasn’t sure if Eli would enjoy this sort of activity. So, I decided to keep it to a single file folder book for simplicity.  I collected all of the supplies needed to create a lapbook from our homeschool supply closet. Then I printed all of the lapbook components and other printables that we would be using during the week. I also created a Johnny Appleseed Unit Study Pinterest board with more activities, ideas, and free printables just in case we needed to add a few more activities to our plans.

I did all of the cutting for the mini-books and then laid them out on the file folder in the order that worked best.  So Eli could work as independently as possible on this lapbook, I numbered the backs of the mini-books and their position on the file folder so that he would know precisely where to put each mini-book.

Each day we read from an assortment of Johnny Appleseed books, as well as a few books about Apples. Then Eli completed a mini-book component and glued it to the lapbook according to the numbers that I wrote on the file folder and mini book.

These are the books that we read this week. Most of these books we had in our homeschool library, a few of them we picked up from the library.

This is also the week that poor Eli had poison ivy all over his face, neck, & back. He did surprisingly well at keeping up with our school work.

Here is the inside of the completed Johnny Appleseed Lapbook. Eli did very well placing the mini book components in the numbered places.

I think Eli enjoyed learning about Johnny Appleseed and working on the lapbook. He was very proud of the result and eager to share a picture!

Do your kids enjoy creating and learning with lapbooks?  



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