What You Should Be Drinking to Keep Away the Winter Sniffles

With the cold winter months upon us, the winter sniffles seem to be unavoidable. It seems that almost every other person we run into is coughing or blowing their nose. And if we’re not careful, a small cough can turn into something worse, like the flu or pneumonia.

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So what do we do? Most of us will find ourselves running over to our local store, picking up pain medication and cough syrup (that doesn’t really taste like strawberries, no matter what the package says), preparing ourselves for when we finally get sick too. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way to keep away the winter sniffles and help build up your immune system? Something that actually tastes good and was good for you?   

Elderberry Tea to Keep Away the Winter Sniffles

Well, I’ve got good news for you. There is. And not only will it help keep you healthy but will also help keep you warm on the chilly winter mornings and cold winter nights. So what is this warm, immune building, good tasting magic? Elderberry tea

Elderberry tea can be made by brewing or steeping dried elderberries in hot water, or many brands sell Elderberry tea bags. Elderberry tea used to be hard to find but is becoming more and more popular all the time, as people start to recognize the health benefits it holds. And I can personally vouch for Elderberry tea as I have used it many times with amazing results and it is my go-to as soon as I feel like I might be getting sick. 

My Favorite Organic Tea Brands

Traditional Medicinals
Yogi Teas
Numi Organic Tea
Stash Organic Tea

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Elderberry tea has a mildly sweet flavor and many people enjoy adding cinnamon or ginger to it for extra flavor. 

The Elderberry trees, also known as Elder trees, originated in Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. And the berries, along with the leaves, from Elder trees, are used all over the world for their medical properties. Records of the Elderberry being used dates all the way back to the Egyptian times and has been used to heal burns, treat infections, improve complexion and fight the flu and the common cold plus many more ailments. It’s also highly recommended for building immune health, as a natural way to protect yourself during the winter sick season. 

Irina Todorov, MD, an integrative medicine physician, states that Elderberry is good for immune health and that she drinks Elderberry Tea frequently. 

Benefits of Elderberry Tea

It’s no surprise that Elderberry would be used to increase immunity. Elderberries are full of many nutrients that your body needs including Vitamins C, and A, dietary fiber, phenolic acids (a powerful antioxidant), flavonols, anthocyanins (another strong antioxidant), triterpenoids, and cinnamic acid. 

And on top of all its immunity building benefits, Elderberry tea is suggested to help lose weight and keep your metabolism healthy. A win, win in my book!

With all it’s health, and weight loss, benefits there seems to be no reason not to drink a cup of this magic tea each morning to give yourself an extra immunity kickstart to your day! 

Have you ever tried Elderberry tea? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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