Journaling Your Homeschool Journey

Deciding to homeschool can be a paramount decision for you and your family. There can be days that run smoothly, without a hitch and then there can be days that are so overwhelming and chaotic. Journaling your homeschool journey is a fantastic way to reflect on your successes and opportunities (even failures) as a parent and an educator.

Journaling can be a way to write your curriculum roadmap. Focus on the content that you want to cover in each subject in addition to any state requirements and standards that need to be reached.

Journaling Your Homeschool Journey

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can also work your child’s specific interests in your curriculum. If your child is interested in cooking, work recipe development and culinary skills into your math, science, and home economics curriculum. Does your child love music? Break out the instruments. It’s beneficial to journal about what subjects and topics are covered so you can build upon it each year.


How to Start Journaling Your Homeschool Journey

Deciding how to journal your homeschool journey can seem like just one more daunting task to take on as a homeschool parent. It really doesn’t have to be though, you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want. There are several different ways to start journaling your homeschool journey.

Use a Curriculum or Lesson Planner

If you like using a lesson planner, you can still journal your homeschool journey in the pages of your planner. Most lesson planners have note sections that you can use for quick journal entries. Some lesson planners have large enough sections on the weekly plans pages that you could include journaling.

Below are a few great free printable planners:

This Is How We Row Planner – a printable planner to use with Five in a Row curriculum. Aside from the usual lesson planning pages, there are pages for weekly “row” notes to write how your week went.

My friend Deana at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom has a free 100+ Page Printable Planner!

Start a Blog or Use Social Media

Let your creative journaling juices flow by starting your own homeschool blog. Or use a Social Media account like a Facebook Page or Instagram for journaling your homeschool journey.

I have used our Facebook page in previous years to journal our homeschool year. Here is a photo album from a few years ago when we were using Five in a Row.

I also use my Instagram to chronicle our homeschool happenings.

Keep it Simple or Make it Fancy!

Use a simple spiral notebook or a cute hard-cover journal. I use a Bullet Journal in a Travelers Notebook. This is my preferred method of planning for all areas of my life, from household & farm stuff to blogging & social media to homeschooling.

journaling your homeschool journey

I made the travelers notebook cover myself. Inside there is a hard-cover dot grid notebook by Exceed that I purchased at Wal-Mart for less than $10. Dot grid paper is my MOST FAVORITE!! I design the pages in my Bullet Journal, using as much or as little creativity as I want. Below are a few pages from my Homeschool Bullet Journal. I will be sharing a flip-through of my homeschool bullet journal on my YouTube Channel soon! There is a quick flip-through of my homeschool bullet journal from March posted already.

Inside Cover Page
Curricula Resources List
Homeschool Mama’s Book List

Want to know more about using a bullet journal for homeschool planning? Join my Homeschool Bujo & TN Facebook Group!

Your Spiritual Journey

If you are like our family, your relationship with God is an important part of what brought you to homeschooling. Reading scripture and reflecting on what God’s word means in your own family’s homeschool path can help you understand the journey for yourself and your children. Your homeschool journal can also serve as a place for prayer and biblical study.

Journaling through Personal Reflection

Balancing your intertwined life of parent and teacher can be challenging. Frustrations are sure to come up, but reflecting on them through writing can be therapeutic.

These writing prompts from Homeschool On are not homeschool specific but they might give you a good stepping off point if you struggle with the idea of journaling.

Brainstorming Studies

Ideas can come at any time when you are a homeschooling parent. It may be while you are teaching your child about parts of speech or while she is learning her multiplication tables. Your monumental objectives may arise when you’re grading papers or having your morning coffee. Write them down in your homeschooling journal! These ideas are things that you can integrate into your lesson, talk about with your homeschooling tribe, or share with your child. Even if the idea never comes to fruition, collecting ideas in your journal could make a huge difference in your homeschooling curriculum to inspire yet another approach.

Sharing your Homeschool Journey

Keep your homeschool journal private or share with your tribe. If you don’t have a homeschooling group in your area, find a group online to help support your journey. If you encounter an obstacle, chances are, they’ve been there too. Let your homeschool friends support you as you share your tips with them.

A few of my favorite homeschool groups on Facebook are:

Faith & Good Works Eclectic Homeschool Community

My Joy-Filled Homeschool

Rock Your Homeschool

Blessed Homeschool Moms

Journaling your homeschool journey can be a way to plan, reflect both academically and spiritually, and share your thoughts with others. Use journaling as a way to improve your practice as a homeschool educator and a parent.

Which method will you (or do you) use for journaling your homeschool journey?

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