100+ Inspiring Ideas for Learning with LEGO® {Book Review}

Do you have LEGO® crazy youngins’ in the house? I do, two of them. My boys have a combined collection of LEGO® that fills up a 35 Gallon RubberMaid tote. You could say we have a few LEGO® laying around. Seriously, they are every where in this house!

So, when the opportunity to review The Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego® was offered I jumped on it immediately!


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Reasons to love this book-

  1. Fun, creative activities that keep kids busy during the summer (or anytime!).
  2. Great photos and easy to follow instructions for each activity.
  3. Activities for multiple age ranges from preschool to adult (yes, even adults will love these activities!)
  4. The activities are also educational-science, engineering, nature study, math, geography, language arts….seriously, practically an entire curriculum of fun for the summer with just LEGO®!!!

And my favorite reason to love this book – no special kits or pieces are required for any of the activities. We can use the LEGO® that we already have on hand, this is perfect because we really have A LOT of LEGO®!!

There are 3 ways to get your hands on this terrific book:

Grab the Ebook Version for $11.95 {special launch price until 7/12/16} and you will also get over 100 free printables! mid month

Or you can get the Kindle Version {$14.95} or Paperback Version from Amazon {$24.95}. If you buy the Kindle or Paperback version, just send a screen shot of your completed order to one of the authors, Nicolette {nicci@learnandplaywithbrick.com} and she will send you a copy of the free printables.

learning with lego

Check out the video below to see some of the fun activities that are in The Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego®!

learning with legos review

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