How to Plan Bible Time in Your Homeschool

Bringing up kids who are also full of the Grace of God is a priority to make Christian homeschoolers. We try to ensure that the Bible becomes a fundamental source of our knowledge and guidance as we learn. Sometimes it is hard to schedule Bible lessons in your homeschool and this article teaches you how to do that and ways of making Bible time fun and enjoyable.

plan bible time in your homeschool

Pray and seek guidance

This is the obvious starting point. You should pray and seek guidance from the Lord on this issue and others in your homeschooling life. Prayers have been known to do wonderful things and we always say the Grace before we commence our day. Thank God for the opportunity presented to you all the time and things will seem to click in easily.

Read the Bible together

It’s important to read together with your kids. Let them take notes of the Bible verses they learn and the lessons these verses teach. At times, you can let them take turns to read the verses in the Bible. Create some family times and read the Bible together. Apart from bringing everyone close, it creates the perfect environment to appreciate one another while doing something that pleases God.

Explain Biblical concepts to your kids

Some Biblical concepts and stories may seem too obvious to you but they are foreign to the kids. There are many interesting stories in the Bible that teach great values and virtues and it is your role to explain these to your kids. You can explain the background stories and lessons learnt. For instance, the kids may know there was a king called David, who was fearful of God. But how did David become King? What do you learn from David’s story? How can the kids apply these lessons to their own lives?

Explain about the characters they read about in the Bible and their importance. 

Make Bible time fun and Educational

Buy resources that are colorful and highlight different sections of the Bible in a fun, illustrated way. This will keep the kids entertained and educated at the same time. The Bible is a great resource to teach kids about history of mankind. Teach them about different people, religions, places, food and culture with reference to the Bible. Let them know how different people interacted with one another.

Get additional, fun, Bible-based resources

Apart from illustrated Bibles and resources, you can get other fun resources that kids can relate to. For instance, you can download audio, plays, games, and videos that portray specific significant times in the history of the Bible. Use quizzes, animated lessons, and other resources to connect with the kids.

Connect with other kids

If you go to a homeschooling co-op, you can use this time to connect with other Christian kids and learn the Bible together. The setting will be more like that of Sunday school and this will make the learning fun and engaging. 

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