5 Reasons Why You Should Be Homeschooling Year-Round

Most homeschoolers follow their curriculum strictly and take breaks from homeschooling when the schedule allows. This is a good thing if you know that you can keep up the discipline. The sad thing is that many people struggle to do that and you will often find yourself running around hectic when the term opens. To avoid this challenge, you can consider homeschooling all year round. Learning takes place all year round, whether you acknowledge it or not. Here are five reasons why considering homeschooling year-round can be beneficial for your family.

reasons why you should be homeschooling year round

Homeschool happens all year round

As I have mentioned, there is nothing like a real break from homeschooling. Your kids will keep learning continues throughout the year. This happens even when you break for the summer and even on family trips. You might not acknowledge that or use the curriculum but you are always teaching them something. Homeschooling is a sort of lifestyle, not something you will pick up and drop at will, after you start off.

It gives you more time and less stress

This is especially important if you have a struggling learner. Many homeschoolers feel frustrated when the kids are not getting the concepts right fast. Knowing that you have to teach them within a specific timeline only serves to increase this frustration. If you homeschool all year round, you will have more time to concentrate on areas that your kids are struggling with. It is good to let them learn at their own pace. Remember that the reason you chose to homeschool is to give them quality education versus quantity. It’s not about how much they learn, it’s about the quality of what you offer them.

It eliminates back to homeschool blues

Many homeschoolers struggle with this, particularly during the first few weeks after going back to homeschool after a long break. You can eliminate these blues by being better prepared and keeping the learning ongoing all along. You will not need to re-assert learning discipline among the kids, you will feel more organized and ready to teach and the kids will remain positive and ready to continue learning.

It allows you to be more flexible

The normal school year runs about 36 weeks. If you decide to homeschool all year round, you will have about 52 weeks of continuous learning. This allows you to be very flexible and take things easy. When you know you have more than enough time, you can get everything covered without having to rush. This continues to prove the quality of education you will be offering to your kids.

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