Good Work Academy: 2016-17 Homeschool Week Review #2

Naturally when I say that I am going to share something on the blog each week, things don’t always work out the way that I think they should. Sunday is usually a pretty long, busy day with church and family time so I am not able to get much lesson planning done, plus I knew this week there was going to be something very special happening, so I didn’t do any actual lesson planning. It was a super light homeschool week!

Homeschool Week Review

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Our Homeschool Week Review

Monday morning started out with big ole’ crocodile tears from Everett again, over coloring a picture of a penny. I am not sure why Monday mornings are so rough for Everett, except that maybe he just doesn’t have enough wind-down time after a busy Sunday of church and family-time. After 10 minutes of meltdown we finally managed to get through our morning work.

We listened to Keys for Kids Devotional. Eli always reads the Key Verse of the Day out loud and we have a little discussion about the devotional topic.

The boys then worked in their Daily Learning Binders. Their Daily Learning Binders are filled with Calendar pages, writing pages, math worksheets, notebooking pages & coloring pages that are related to our current unit study, & current State study. I promise I will be sharing more about their Daily Learning Binders soon!

After working in their Daily Learning Binders we read about the State Flag of Ohio and listened to this video of the State Song of Ohio.

Then Eli suggested that they create their own State of Ohio Flags in Minecraft.

So I pulled up an image of the State of Ohio Flag from the internet. The boys worked for about 20 minutes on creating their flags in Minecraft on their iPads.

2016-08-29 09.43.51
Eli’s State of Ohio Flag in Minecraft


2016-08-29 09.45.11
Everett’s State of Ohio Flag in Minecraft

Eli read a chapter in Captain America: Civil War and spent ten minutes on the XtraMath app.

Tuesday morning started out better – no tears! We started with Keys for Kids, then moved on to their Daily Learning Binders. Without the melodramatics this time really only takes about 30 minutes for both boys.

Daily Learning Binder
Everett coloring a picture of the Letter B in his Daily Learning Binder.

Eli read another chapter in Captain America: Civil War. I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised (and proud) that Eli has taken to reading quietly to himself as easily as he has. Truthfully, he has only been reading for about a year now because he struggled so with learning. And I know he is actually reading the book because every now and then he will say “Hey, that’s not what happened in the movie!”

2016-08-30 21.21.27

While Eli was reading, Everett was learning how to write the letter B. He started in his BrainQuest workbook and then used a pencil to write in Kinetic Sand.

letter B writing

letter writing in magic sand

While Eli colored and Everett played in the Kinetic Sand, I read 5 pages from If You Lived When There Was Slavery in America. I always ask a couple of questions after reading aloud for a quick discussion time.

Wednesday was a super quick day with just Keys for Kids. The boys were getting a surprise, Daddy came home! For those that don’t know…Daddy is a Wounded Warrior in the Army who has been at Ft. Campbell, KY while he finishes up the medical retirement process and training for the Warrior Games.

Thursday and Friday were spent with Daddy – exploring the woods, watching tv, playing outside – enjoying having Daddy home for a bit.


Well, that’s how our week went. How was your homeschool week?

Good Work Academy

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