Good Work Academy: 2016-17 Homeschool Week Review #1

I have been using Evernote for lesson planning for the last few years. It is so easy! I can add website links, files, PDF’s & more to each lesson plan note for quick access. Then for evaluation purposes, I would write up a note about our homeschool week review and send it to the person who is doing our evaluations at the end of the year. Well I have had the brilliant idea to turn this process in to a weekly blog series!

Homeschool Week Review

Each week I will share a link to my Evernote Lesson Plan. Then I will share a little bit about what we actually did that week. Sometimes the lesson plans don’t always happen the way I plan them out – does this ever happen to you?

I am also using a Happy Planner. This is just for a quick checklist to have on the table during our school time. I used to print out my plans from Evernote but I need to seriously cut back on our paper and ink use. Also, the calendar is proving to be quite handy to have for scheduling field trips and activities.

Homeschool Happy Planner

This first Homeschool Week in Review I will be sharing what a typical homeschool day is like for us. If you have read about our 2016-2017 Homeschooling Schedule & Curriculum you may notice that some of our curriculum choices have changed all ready for this year. First, we won’t be using Story of the World for Social Studies. Instead we will be focusing on American History in Ohio using a freebie Passport Program we received from Ohio History Connection.

Good Work Academy

Evernote Lesson Plan Note (And of course, I seem to be having a little issue with Evernote right now & cannot get the link to my Lesson Plan Note – I will add it in soon!)

Our Homeschool Week In Review

Each morning we start our day with Keys for Kids Devotional. We typically just use the online devotional, we listen while we eat breakfast, but we also get the printed booklet every 3 months to use when we have internet issues. The printed booklet will also allow me to create copywork printables to coordinate with the daily devotional. Eli reads the Key Scripture Verses out loud and then we have a little group discussion. Sometimes I will add in a YouTube playlist of worship songs.

After our devotional time, we start on our Daily Learning Binders. These binders include a Calendar Time, worksheets, & simple activities for multiple subjects like math, language arts, social studies, science, & more.

Eli usually finishes his Daily Learning Binder before Everett so he reads quietly in his chapter book while I help Everett finish his Daily Learning Binder work. This is the first year that Eli will be reading chapter books on his own, so we are starting out fairly simple books that I am hoping will really spark his interest in reading. His first book is one I found at Walmart for $6 called Avengers: Civil War. I know he loves all things Marvel Super Heroes, so he hasn’t fussed much about reading on his own. I am rewarding him with the DVD when he finishes the book – then we can discuss the differences between the book and the movie.

We have continued listening to With Lee in Virginia from Heirloom Audio Productions. This has been a great lead in to our unit study of The Civil War that we will really be getting in to next week.

The boys then spend at least 45 minutes outside, weather permitting. It surely has been hot recently so our outside time has only lasted about 15 or 20 minutes.

To help reduce printing, I bought a couple BrainQuest workbooks from Walmart. We do 2 or 3 pages every other day. I was surprised how well the boys are liking the workbooks, I really didn’t expect them like the workbooks at all.

2016-08-27 12.02.36


Everett has been busy building with LEGO this week.  And Eli has been working on coloring this dragon. He uses fine tip Sharpie Markers for coloring, so he only works a little at a time.

2016-08-27 12.03.00

Friday was an “off” day because I had a funeral to go to. The boys spent the day with their Grandpa.

Monday started off with crocodile tears from Everett but then turned out to be a pretty easy week of homeschooling.

How was your Homeschool Week?

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