10 Must Have Homeschool Supplies for Our Homeschool Journey

This time of year is when all of your local stores start stocking their shelves with mass quantities of school supplies. I must admit that I LOVE shopping for homeschool supplies. Seriously, I could spend a few hours wandering through the school and office supply aisles at Walmart or at an office supply store. Ok, ok…it’s possible I have spent a few hours wandering through Staples before, looking to see what homeschool supplies we need.

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This weekend is Tax-free Weekend in our area, so I may have to make a quick stop in at Walmart just to see what is on sale, there just might be something missing from our homeschool supplies.

Here is a list of the must-have items in our homeschool supplies:

  1. Pencils. This one is pretty obvious. Pencils are necessary for writing and drawing. Our favorite pencils are the Ticonderoga brand. Everett is using the Primary Size #2 pencils because they are easier for his little hands to grip and control.
  2. Paper. Ok, so this is another obvious one. We go through lots of paper from copy paper to construction paper to cardstock. I typically buy copy paper in bulk (2500 sheets in a box), that seems to be the most cost effective way and lasts an entire school year.
  3. Scissors. You need something to cut up all that paper!
  4. Crayons. A regular old 24 count of Crayola Crayons is perfect for creating beautiful works of art.
  5. Paint. Kwik Stix are a personal favorite in our house – tempera paint sticks for virtually mess-free painting! Check out our review here.  Kwik Stix Review
  6. Glue. We have at least one bottle of the white liquid kind per kid and a couple big glue sticks. This is usually enough to get us through the year.
  7. A library card. A little advice – don’t forget to save your spare change each week to cover late fees. Maybe it’s just me – I have difficulty remembering to return our books on time or we never finish using them in the amount of time we are allowed to have them, so we always have late fees.
  8. Access to the internet. Whether you use the computers at the library or have one at home (or a tablet/iPad/smart phone), utilizing the endless supply of resources available on the internet is, by far, our favorite MUST-HAVE item to have on our homeschool supplies list.
  9. Laptop and/or iPad. My boys are electronically driven when it comes to learning. Apps, YouTube videos, online activities….that is what they learn the best with.
  10. Printer & Ink. Yeah…I guess technically that is two but they go together! We use a lot of free printable activities & worksheets from the internet. I can keep the cost of ink down a bit by shopping through my Swagbucks account which earns swagbucks that I can exchange for gift cards to Walmart to pay for all of the other homeschool supplies that we use.

So what are your must-have homeschool supplies?

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