When Homeschool Moms Feel Like They Aren’t Enough

If you homeschool, you know the dedication it takes to do it each day. Homeschooling can be hard, it takes discipline, patience, and is hard work. You might run into a week where your child doesn’t want to listen, or you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. This post is for any mom out there who has felt or is feeling like you are not enough.

homeschool mom encouragement

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Some days you wish they went to public school so your house would stay clean, and you would have some time of complete silence if you chose, or could have time to grocery shop alone! But where would all the benefit go? Homeschooling is amazing, and at the end of the day, we homeschool parents wouldn’t choose to send them to public school. We all have our strong reasoning why we chose to homeschool. We just have to remember that on those hard days, weeks or even months!

You might feel you aren’t teaching them well, or they are not learning everything, and you fear how they will survive when they get older. So below I will share how I overcome these feelings of doubt and my struggles!

Here are A Few Ideas For Some Homeschool Mom Encouragement

Time Alone

Take time to be alone and gather your thoughts. Alone time as a mom is hard, try to wake up a little bit early to kick-start your day with some “me” time.


Prayer is powerful. Praying for guidance on teaching your children, strength for those hard days, and even praying for each child; you can find the strength to keep going. Pray to make sure you’re still on the right path where God is leading you, and that path will probably be homeschooling. You chose to homeschool for a reason, and trust that God is leading you. That always gives me the motivation to keep going.

Life of a Homeschool Mom

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Remember tomorrow is a new day. Just because today was hard or you had some self-doubt doesn’t mean that you are failing at homeschooling. It just means you’re going through a difficult patch and tomorrow is a fresh start.

You Are Not Alone

Looking at other homeschool moms and families, you might feel they have it all figured out. However, you are not there. They could very well be experiencing some of the same struggles you are going through. You may think your neighbor has it all together, but she could be crying in her closet each night because she is overwhelmed and going through the exact situation. Just know we all have those moments or periods in time of struggle.

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Remind Yourself

Tell yourself you are strong and an overcomer. You chose to homeschool your children for a reason, and you can’t allow one bad day, week or month to let you lose focus on the bigger picture. Ultimately your children are most likely learning, thriving, and growing each day; you just may not see it at that very moment. Be confident in your choice to homeschool and know it will all work out!

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