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For today: November 1, 2015

Outside My Window….

The sun shining through thick, fluffy clouds. Streaks of bright blue sky peaking through. There are still a few orange and red leaves hanging on to the tree in our backyard, it seems, I have noticed, that fall happens very quickly here in Kentucky and the trees are only colorful for a week or so and then they are naked. I think I missed my opportunity to get colorful fall portraits for the boys.

I am Thankful for…..

Lazy Sunday afternoons! I slept through the alarm this morning, sadly we missed church but I made up for some much lost sleep and have had a nice relaxed day.

What I am Reading….

I am starting a new Bible study this week with Living So That by Wendy Blight. I was in the LifeWay store last week and came across this book. The tagline on the front cover is what caught my attention “Making Faith-filled choices in the midst of a Messy Life”. I have been feeling like things are a bit messy around here, and I am not talking about the physical condition of the house. So many emotional messes are happening right now with the medical concerns of my husband, the not knowing of our financial future after Hubby is medically retired, and a few other messy situations that I am having a hard time handling. 

Living So That is a fresh approach to understanding God’s Word, focusing on many of the powerful “so that” verses in Scripture. *from the back of the book

In the Kitchen….

The dishwasher is running, for the second time today. I neglected to do any dishes yesterday which made for two dishwasher loads today.

Around the House….

The boys are each on their tablets or computers, playing Minecraft or watching Minecraft videos on YouTube.

Homemaking Plans for the week….
I need to finish decluttering and reorganizing the Master Bedroom, which I started about two weeks ago. I also need to get the laundry situation under control this week…tired of not knowing which basket is clean and which is dirty! 
In Our Homeschool Room…. 
I have been gradually rearranging and reorganizing our bookshelves the past few weeks. We need to downsize a bit in preparation for moving next Spring/Summer. 
Homeschooling Plans for this week….
Since November is National Aviation History month, we will be spending the first two weeks “rowing” The Glorious Flight. We will be learning about flight, aviation history, airplanes, Louis Bleriot, France, & Birds.
On Our Prayer Board….
Hubby: He is away right now at the Wound Warrior Games tryouts. Prayers for travel mercies, confidence, and safety.
Michaela: Pregnant with our first Granddaughter, Chloe Temperance (don’t you just love that name!). Prayers for a healthy, stress-free pregnancy. So excited to meet this precious baby girl sometime after Christmas/early January.
Tori: A young lady who is very much like my own daughter. She is in the hospital right now due to gallbladder issues and she is pregnant with a beautiful baby boy.
The Reed Family: Little Townson was born just a few days ago at 35 weeks. He was admitted to the NICU because of breathing issues due to under-developed lungs. 
Well, that’s about it for this week. I hope that you stop by next week to catch another glimpse of my homeschool mama life! Every Sunday afternoon I will be sharing with you a little glimpse of my life with a new Homeschool Mama’s Daybook post.
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