The Homeschool Mama’s Daybook – April 2016

Welcome to another edition of The Homeschool Mama’s Daybook.

I haven’t posted a Homeschool Mama’s Daybook post since January, actually I haven’t posted much of anything since January, life has been a little messy lately and blogging has taken a spot on the back burner for the time being.

I hope to get back to a regular publishing schedule throughout April with new Interview with a Homeschool Mom posts, some freebie resources round up posts, and a few product and book reviews. Those are my intentions anyway….

Homeschool Mama's Daybook

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

It’s been a super lazy day here today. Hubby is out of town, the boys and I have just been hanging out around the house. The boys have played on the Xbox or watched TV. I have worked on a some Etsy shop stuff and have done a little blog updating — trying to get this blogging thing active again!

Outside My Window….Mother Nature seems to have forgotten that it is Spring! The high today was only about 47 degrees with very little sunshine. There is actually a Freeze Warning for tonight!

I am Learning….I am returning to school sometime in the fall or winter quarter this year after Hubby’s medical retirement happens to get a degree in Interactive Multimedia. I am excited and nervous! So to prepare myself for school I started a few online courses that will earn me some Continuing Education Units. It’s sort a random variety of courses, some for interest only and some that will help with my degree of choice.

I am taking a Pre-Algebra 101 course because I never took Algebra of any sort in High School and Algebra is required for my degree. I am also taking course on learning HTML, which is required for my degree. For interest, I am taking a Homeopathy 101, All About Herbs, and Unit Studies 101. See I told you it was a random variety!

I am Creating….Pretty Lil Pockadori’s! What’s a Pockadori? Check out my blog page here!

In the Kitchen….A entirely too full sink of dirty dishes. Hubby graciously does the dishes each day ( I know I am spoiled!). He has been out of town today and I have seriously neglected the dishes!

Homemaking Plans for next week….Spring Cleaning (even if Mother Nature doesn’t think it’s Spring!). I started about 3 weeks ago and have yet to completely finish a room. I have three rooms that are mostly finished (craft room, homeschool room, master bedroom), so I am going to focus on finishing them this week. Then I can start “spring cleaning” the toys that are taking over the three bedrooms upstairs!!

Homeschooling Plans for next week….We have been pretty lax in our lessons the last few weeks so we are using Time 4 Learning over the next few months to help get us back on track with lessons.  We will also be “rowing” The Duchess Bakes a Cake this coming week. The boys are looking forward to learning about Knights & Castles. We have had a cardboard Create & Color Enchanted Castle in our storage closet for at least two years that I am finally pulling out!!

Like I said, it’s been a super lazy day around here.

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