Building A Homeschool Library #2

Last month I shared with you how we are building our homeschool library as inexpensively as possible by buying the majority of our books from thrift stores, second-hand vendors, and garage sales. Since I really enjoy searching through the thrift store bookshelves and finding so many wonderful books, I thought it would be fun to do a once-a-month series of posts for the rest of 2015 to share with you all of the books that we add to our library each month.

Building A Homeschool Library ~ One Thrift Store at a Time

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I was lucky enough to visit our local Goodwill Stores on six different days in May. We have 3 Goodwill stores in our area, two of them usually have very good book selections, the third is hit or miss sometimes. Typically, books at Goodwill are $.50 each, unless specially marked. I usually stick with only buying the $.50 books.

I was very excited to find the Thorton W. Burgess book, Bedtime Stories.

We love ALL of his animal stories.

A couple more great Authors and Illustrators in this group. Steven Kellogg’s books are always entertaining and Jan Brett is just fabulous!

This day had a few “themes” in the books that I found…crickets, Alaska, and weather.

Another “themed” day! We all ready own the The Underwater Alphabet Book, however, the cover on this copy is slightly different and is in a lot better condition than the one we all ready have.

This day I found a couple books for Art.

Another great Jan Brett book on this day.

In the month of May, I found a total of 33 books, each only 50 cents.

I spent a total of $16.50 on this collection of books.

Have you been to your local Thrift Store lately?

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