Homeschool Area in Small Spaces

Organizing a homeschool area in small spaces can be a challenge.

We live on a military installation in single-story duplex style housing. Our house is comfortable, but small. We have 3 bedrooms, a bath and a half, kitchen, laundry room, and the family room/dining area. There is little storage in this house, other than the bedroom closets and a coat closet in the hallway, and we have a small storage shed outside (which is FULL!). 

Our homeschool area & materials are in our family room/dining area, except for my desk area which is in my bedroom. This is actually an improvement from our last house, which had our supplies scattered in several different areas of the house. Lesson planning is a lot easier with all of our supplies in one main area!

homeschool area 1

Our bookshelves are mostly organized (still always a work in progress) by subject. Our Social Studies & Chapter books are on the middle shelves and Science books are on the right side.

Also on the right side, top shelf is where most of our curricula for this year is located.

curricula shelf

The left side book shelf is for picture books and Fine Arts. This is the side that is almost always a work in progress!  Can you see my fancy post-it note tabs?  I am working on organizing all of the picture books by author.

I put a nail right into the front of a shelf to hang our Letter of the Week board.  

 Letter of the Week board

Behind the Letter of the Week board is our Science Discovery shelf.  

science shelf                             

This year I am keeping these supplies on the table. The little black box has construction paper, paper scraps, & pictures from magazines in it. So far, Everett is loving this idea! He has been busy creating many cut & paste projects to keep himself busy while I work with Eli.  

table supplies







On the left side of the bookshelves are lots of supplies. Pens, Pencils, Markers, Scissors, Glue, Paint, Paper, Stapler, and so much more…all within reach! The two small file boxes have extra copies of printables and the bigger file box has hanging files with all sorts of paper in them.


In the cabinet on the right side of the bookshelves is a hiding place for all of our “recycled” arts & crafts supplies. Also in the bottom shelves are extra notebooks, binders, sheet protectors, hanging files, & other office supplies.

supply cabinet
On the opposite side of the room, behind our couch which is dividing the family room area and dining area, are our cubbie shelves. Lots of goodies on these shelves! All of our manipulatives for each subject are housed here. Flash cards, dice, puzzles, magnetic letters & numbers, and so much more! The boys each have a black bin that has their own white boards, dry-erase markers, and erasers in them. On the left side, in the top two cubbies are faith-based books. On the right side, in the top cubbie are all of Everetts’ board books. The second cubbie on the right are miscellaneous reference books. 

Cubbie Shelves Collage

So there you have it, all of our homeschooling materials for two kiddos(minus the three totes of extra stuff that are stored in the shed) all neatly organized in to one room.

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