Growing Strong Family Bonds with Board Games

There are many ways to grow strong family bonds. For our family, we like to foster them using board games. Even if you have super competitive members in your family, board games have a way of bringing everyone together for a fun family time.

Family building strong family bonds playing jenga.

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The Importance of Strong Family Bonds

Not only is spending family time together considered one of the most precious gifts, but this time also contributes to providing family members with a sense of belonging. Building strong family bonds also:

  • provides a sense of security.
  • teaches important social skills.
  • encourages better behavior in children.
  • may improve academic performance.
  • strengthens communication with siblings and parents.

The family as a whole plays a big role in cultivating relationships with one another. Coming together over something like planned activities helps create a strong foundation for building strong family bonds.

How to Use Board Games to Grow Strong Family Bonds

Below are a few tips to start using board games as a way to build relationships in your family.

Set a day and time.

Bringing your family together for game time should be seen as an important priority. In other words, give it a set day and time and make sure it gets written on the calendar. Be intentional with not canceling or overbooking yourself (or anyone else in the family). Make this a special family time.

Involve every family member in the planning.

Planning this day is a good reason for calling a family meeting. Gather everyone together and get their ideas for what game time will look like. Do you want to rotate the person who picks the games? Will there be snacks, a theme, or music? Get the input of each family member.

Make it a habit.

Having game time every blue moon will not have the same impact as making it something that your family does often. Once your family gets into the habit of having game time, they’ll begin to look forward to it. Before you know it, everyone will be in the routine of grabbing games, gathering snacks, and meeting in the “game room.”

Have fun!

I know this goes without saying, but there are times when you may have to redirect a fit, break up a mini-feud, or even remind your kids of why you’re having a family game time in the first place. Use game time as a teaching moment just as much as a fun time. Encourage laughs and character-building opportunities. Invite older kids to help the younger, as well as taking turns playing picking, and playing different games. It’s all about having fun and bonding.

Building strong family bonds with family gamet ime.

Games for Family Game Time

What’s family game time without games? So far our favorite games are:

If you have children of varying ages, you may want to check out:

  • Apples to Apples
  • Guess Who
  • Charades for Kids
  • Hedbanz

Family bonding games:

  • Do You Really Know Your Family?
  • Grounded for Life
  • Family Feud
  • Jenga
  • Pictionary

Games for older kids:

  • Battleship
  • Simon
  • The Game of Life
  • Sorry

Final Thoughts

Building strong bonds in your family will have a lasting impact for years to come. I love hearing people tell stories of memories they have of doing things together as a family. I’ve seen siblings grow up and become each other’s best friends because of their parents taking the time to foster strong family bonds. Use the tips and game suggestions above to start creating your very own line of memories that your kids will remember for years to come!

Looking for other ideas beyond board games? Here are a few to consider:

  • Cook a family meal together.
  • Take a small family vacation.
  • Start a new tradition (running a marathon, attending a local festival, etc.).
  • Have a themed movie night.
  • Eat meals together.
  • Do chores together.
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, shelter, or organization together.
A family playing a game together to build strong family bonds.

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    We always played board and card games as a family when I was a child. I loved it! (Plus the kiddos are learning and don’t realize it!)

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