Gone Fishing! {Summer Bucket List}

Gone Fishing at Saunder’s Springs Nature Preserve

It’s time for Wordless Wednesday! Ok, well maybe not completely wordless….

I am finally getting around to sharing a few of the photos that I took of Hubby and the boys when they went fishing a few weeks ago..

fishing summer bucket list

I am not a fisher-person but I love watching Hubby and the boys doing what they all so thoroughly enjoy doing. Anything outdoors – they just can’t seem to get enough of it.


Not gonna lie – I got a little panicky a few times when Everett would cast his fishing line out over the edge. He would throw so hard some times and lose his balance a bit….I held my breath more than once and was poised to jump in after him!


While the men folk were doing their thing, I spent some time planning out the week in my Pretty Lil Pockadori Traveler’s Notebook.


It was a wonderful, completely enjoyable day!

We marked off another item from our Summer Bucket List.


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