Homeschooling in the Garden with Sensory Bins

Spring started pretty slow around here, lots of chilly & wet weather. Then, bam – boom – bang, summer hit. It’s been hot & mostly dry so far. Living on a small farm, we are outside quite a bit, whether it is chilly & raining or hot & dry. Summertime is when we tend to the garden every day, getting our hands dirty. There are a few exceptions on those nasty summer thunderstorms or extreme high-heat index days, of course, when we don’t go outside. During those nasty summer weather days, we still like to get our hands dirty though. So hop on over to Minnesota Country Girl to check out my post for Garden Sensory Bins for Summer Fun & Learning. These are great ideas for getting your hands dirty, whether you are stuck inside or can go outside during the summer.

This post is also part of 10-Days of Summer Homeschooling – Homeschooling in the Garden.





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