Giant List of Free Unit Studies

Unit studies are one of our favorite methods of education but can be a little time-consuming to search for and put together all of the educational components. Sometimes it might even seem like it could get a bit stressful on the homeschool budget pulling so many different resources together. However, the internet is FILLED with free unit studies just waiting to be used! I have gathered up over 100 of the very best ones to share with you, saving you time and money!

100+ Free Unit Studies for Your Homeschool

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You could quickly fill up your homeschool lesson plan book with this giant list of free unit studies, for all ages from Preschool to High School.

Unit Studies About Famous People

Teaching your kids about famous people can help them understand a lot of what they see today. From who created the infamous American flag to why we play a game Marco Polo, use the resources below to teach your children about famous people.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Jane Goodall and Chimpanzees

Betsy Ross Unit Study | Free Unit Studies

Betsy Ross & The American Flag

Temple Grandin Unit Study

Amelia Earhart

Jesse James Unit Study | Free Unit Studies

Jesse James

Martin Luther and the Reformation

Marco Polo

Fine Arts Unit Studies

Teaching fine arts goes far beyond marking another subject off the list. Including this in your homeschool provides your children with non-academic benefits, such as: creativity, promoting self-esteem, cultural exposure, and an appreciation for diversity.

Free Famous Composer Study

Explore the Elements of Art

Free Rembrandt Study

Faith-Based Unit Studies

Looking for faith-based unit studies? These will help you incorporate biblical truth in a low-prep way.

Trust and Obey Hymn Study

Creation Unit Study

The Everywhere God

Stop, Drop, & Roll 

Science-Based Unit Studies

Teaching science can sometimes be overwhelming. From plants and gardening to learning about animal life cycles, take the guesswork out of what to teach by using these unit studies.

Water Cycle Unit Study

Veterinary Animal Care Unit Study

Insects Unit Study

Honeybee Unit Study

Prairie Habitat Unit Study | Free Unit Studies

Prairie Habitat

All About Snails Unit Study

Snails & Slugs Unit Study

Dinosaur Unit for Elementary Kids


Sharks Unit Study + Lapbook

Blue Whale Unit Study

Sea Turtle Life Cycle

Frog Unit Study

Free Horse Unit Study

Beaver: Natures Engineers

The Grizzly Bear Project

Backyard Birds Unit Study

Ice Cream Unit Study

Gardening Unit Study

Introduction to Plants, Seeds, and Gardening

Harvest Unit Study

Farm Unit Study | Free Unit Studies

Down on the Farm Unit Study

Geology Rocks Unit



Hurricane Unit Study

hurricane unit study

Solar System Unit Study

Space Exploration

The Moon

Visits to the Dump

Learn How to Stop, Drop, & Roll

Coding Unit Study

Introduction to Electricity & Circuits for Elementary

Human Anatomy Unit Studies

Learning about the human body and how it works can be fun, especially when using a unit study. Use the human anatomy unit studies below to teach your kids about the five senses, germs, dental health, and more.

Exploring the Five Senses 

Germs, Colds, & Flu

Germs & Microbes

Intro to Dental Health

Social Studies Based Unit Studies

Whether you’re teaching your kids about the Constitution, famous landmarks, or about different countries across the world – the unit studies below will add the perfect touch to your lesson plans.

U.S. Constitution Unit Study

Everything You Need to Know About Elections

Intro to Money 

High School Economics Unit

All Fifty States!

Elementary Continent Studies

France Unit Study

Greece Unit Study

India Unit Study

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient History First Civilizations

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Egypt Ancient History

Ancient Egyptian History

Ancient Greece Unit Study

Arctic & Inuit Unit Study

Middle Ages for Kids

Exploring the French Revolution

American History through the Life of George Washington

Civil War Unit – American Girl Addy

Slavery and the Civil War

Early American History

Westward Ho!

Native Americans for Kids

Exploring the Plains Indians

Trail of Tears 1820-1845

Myths and Legends



Book or Movie Based Unit Studies

Have you ever considered doing a book or movie study in your homeschool? If not, you should! The unit studies below will help you easily incorporate classic movies and books into your homeschool lesson plans.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

The Grouchy Ladybug

Snowflake Bentley

Charlotte’s Web

The Door In the Wall

Ratatouille Movie Unit Study

Phantom of the Opera

How to Train Your Dragon

The Dragon’s Gate

Harry Potter

Little House on the Prairie

Farmer Boy Unit Study

The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

Author Unit Studies

It’s always interesting to read and learn about the people behind the stories often read in our homeschools. Use the unit studies below to teach your kids about the authors behind many of their favorite classics.

C.S. Lewis

Jan Brett

Mo Willems

Roald Dahl

Lewis Caroll 

Jane Yolen

Ezra Jack Keats

Nature with Beatrix Potter

Seasonal and Holiday Unit Studies

Looking for some good seasonal and holiday unit studies? These make the perfect addition when teaching your kids about important moments and seasons in time.

Valentine’s Day Unit Study

President’s Day for Kids

Memorial Day Unit Study

Fourth of July

Fall Leaves

Fall Fun for Preschool

Veterans Day Unit Study

Pumpkins Unit Study

Pilgrims & Indians

Pilgrims & The Mayflower Mini Unit Study

Pilgrims & The Mayflower Unit Study Part 1

Part 2 Pilgrims & The Mayflower Unit Study

A Thanksgiving Unit Study for Little Ones

Fun Christmas Around the World Unit

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Unit Study

More FREE Thanksgiving Unit Studies

If you have a favorite FREE unit study that isn’t listed here, please share a link to it in the comments!

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