FIAR Curriculum Lesson Planner

I searched for a lesson planner to use with the Five in a Row curriculum. I could not find one that had all of the features that I thought I would want to use to keep my lesson planning organized. So I created my own FIAR Curriculum Lesson Planner. And now I am sharing it with you!

lesson planner.

Here is a list of the pages that you will find in this planner:

this is how we row planner pages.
  • Weekly “Row” Planning Page (print up to 52 pages, depending on how many weeks you plan in your homeschool year)
  • Weekly “Row” Notes Page (use as a learning journal to jot down notes about your week, special learning moments, & more)
  • FIAR Volumes 1-4 Book Lists (fill in the boxes for the themes, seasons, topics for each book. Also mark whether you own or borrowed the book & when you “rowed” the book.)
  • Undated Month At A Glance (an undated calendar page to keep track of your homeschool schedule)
  • Field Trip Planning Page (a page to help you plan your field trips)
  • Field Trip Log (keep track of your homeschool field trips in one place)
  • Reading Log (keep track of all the books that you read in your homeschool year)
  • Other Curriculum Resources Used (a list of other curriculum resources that you are using in your homeschool)
  • 180-Day Attendance Log (mark your daily attendance)
  • Inspirations & Ideas Note Page (jot down inspirations & ideas for lessons)
fiar lesson planner pages.

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More Pages to Add to Your FIAR Curriculum Lesson Planner

I recently added a couple more pages to the FIAR Curriculum Lesson Planner. Just click the images below to download the pages that you need!

And if you would rather have a daily planning instead of a weekly planning page, I created one of those too!!

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  1. Rebecca

    Hi. I’ve subscribed, but am still not able to download the FIAR planner.

  2. Laura

    How do I download the planner? Every time I click on the image it takes me to the subscribers page where I have already subscribed. Thanks

    1. Jenny

      I am very sorry you are having issues. I am working on fixing the problem.

  3. Kim R

    This is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I have never been able to find a really good planner for FIAR

    1. Jenny

      You are welcome. I hope that you are able to use this planner.

  4. Cassandra

    I love this file. I’m going to share it on my FIAR planning post! Thanks.

    1. Jenny

      Aww. I am glad that you love it! Thank you so much for sharing it.

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