Field Trip Friday: Abe Lincoln Birthplace

Each month we get together with other homeschool families in our area through the Fort Knox Field Trip Co-op for a Meet & Greet Lunch and Field Trip.  This month we went to Abraham Lincoln Birthplace.


We started our trip in the visitor center where there were displays and lots of information about Abraham Lincoln.

Everett loved the Lincoln Logs that were in the visitors center, he really wanted to stay there building the entire time, so I bought him a set from the gift shop.  {He has played with them every day since then!}

Then we went to the Cabin Memorial Building.

The first memorial building, built to honor Abraham Lincoln, was dedicated in 1911 at the place of his birth in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Inside the Memorial Building is housed the symbolic cabin located near the site where our 16th president was born.

It was a very pleasant day, temperature-wise, it was mostly cloudy out and we got sprinkled on a couple times during the scenic walk.

Everett said the trees looked “fuzzy”.  What do you think?

We ended our trip at the Sinking Spring.

We saw a giant frog in the bottom but I couldn’t get a good photo of him.

As an added bonus to our field trip, having absolutely nothing to do with Abraham Lincoln, we saw a couple dozen Corvettes in the parking lot.

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