Lightning Bugs Unit Study

Lightning Bugs Unit Study

This lightning bugs unit study is the perfect study to do with your kids during the summertime. It’s packed with information and activity pages to make learning about these little critters tons of fun! Keep reading to see what’s included in this activity pack.

Lightning Bug Unit Study Pack

Informational Page

The informational page included in this resource will help your kids learn interesting things about lightning bugs and fireflies. They’ll learn about their true genetic makeup, where they come from, the many different types of species, and more.

Fascinating Facts Fill-in-the-Blank Page

This page will put your kid’s knowledge to the test. They’ll have sentences with blanks to fill in. Don’t worry, there’s also a word bank included at the bottom of the page to help with learning and knowing the answers.

Word Search Puzzle

What kiddo doesn’t love a good word search puzzle, especially one that’s bug related?! They’ll put vocabulary words to the test by searching them out amongst a bunch of letters (and other words).

Creative Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a great way to help kids love writing and get practice in at the same time. In the case of this resource, your kids will take what they have learned, like, and know about lightning bugs and write creative pieces of art.

More About this Resource

This is a free unit study resource available as a digital download (nothing will be shipped). It also comes with answer guides. Simply add it to your cart and checkout. Remember to only use it for your immediate family only and do not mass share it. Feel free to share the link to this product (or the blog post) with others!

Lightning bugs unit study resource.