Do you need to change your homeschool plan for the New Year?

With the New Year just right around the corner, have you given much thought to your upcoming homeschool plan? While there may be a little time to consider, the days and hours remaining are running out! Sit and think about your upcoming homeschool curriculum and the New Year…do you need to make any changes and updates from what you’ve done in the past? While these thoughts may not be huge, they are important to the overall outlook of improving your upcoming New Year homeschool curriculum.

change your homeschool plan

Feel like your homeschool plan for the New Year needs a bit of an update? Here are some thoughts and tips to help you get it all straightened out!

Do you need to change your homeschool plan for the New Year?

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to assess if you need to change or update your current homeschool plan!

·        Look at your current curriculum and compare to the past year

When it comes to planning your homeschooling curriculum, sometimes it’s about trial and error. Not everything will always be a slam dunk win, and that’s okay. If you need to change and alter your homeschool plan for the New Year, go for it! The plans that you make moving forward for you and your children are up to you and your homeschooling goals.

·        Ask yourself the relevancy of your current homeschool plan

Life changes and you have to be prepared to change with it. What you were teaching last year may not be as relevant this year, and that’s okay! The more that you can update your homeschool plan, the better. After all, you need to make certain that you are doing everything you can to educate your child the best way possible. 

Some topics or subjects that you were teaching in the past, may not be ones that are as important now. Also, keep in mind that just because you make a chance to your homeschool plan doesn’t mean that change is set in stone. You ultimately make the decisions to change or alter anything, but can also easily make that same decision to put it back the way it was or alter some more!

·        Think about how you are feeling when teaching the current homeschooling material

Educating your children is extremely important, but so is making certain that you are taking care of yourself as well. If you no longer have the passion to teach a certain topic, why not give it a little rest for a while? You can still come back to it here and there and make certain that your children are getting the fundamentals that they need from it but you don’t need to stress yourself out over it, either. 

·        Ask your children what they hope to learn in the New Year

Sometimes, the best way to know if you need to change or update your homeschooling curriculum is to ask your children. They’ll give you the most honest responses possible, and you’ll know whether or not you’re future homeschool plan for the New Year is on track with what they are excited to learn about. 

Planning your homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be a moment in your life that stresses you out. Instead, take the time and make it a positive to plan. With the New Year starting, you have the potential to choose brand new homeschooling curriculum that you can teach and learn right along with your child! It’s the perfect time to assess, plan and then move forward into the New Year. And remember…your choices now for curriculum can be assessed and changed in the future if need be!

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