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It’s that time of year — when all of those pretty calendars and planners for the coming year are in stores all over the place. I am most certainly a planner girl, and I have quite the collection of planners from The Happy Planner to Traveler’s Notebooks to Webster’s Pages. I have at least four different planners going at the same time for the different areas of my life. It’s just too much for me. As much as I adore all of the planner goodies & bling, I desperately need to scale back and declutter my planning sessions to be a bit more productive in reality. This coming year I am going to try something a bit different. I am going to be digital planning on my iPad Pro, the Noteshelf 2 app, and Google Drive & Calendar.

digital planning

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Perhaps it seems a little odd that someone who lives off-grid would choose to go to digital planning. The truth of the matter is, I am also a techie. I adore my electronic devices as much as I love the planner bling! However, I do not have space in our off-grid home to accommodate the oodles & oodles of planner goodies that have accumulated so far. Change and downsizing are necessary.

Digital Planning with Noteshelf 2

With digital planning, I can keep all of the areas of my life – personal, work, family, farm, etc. – in separate “planners,” but they will all be in one place on my iPad. Also, I do plan to carry a small calendar planner in my purse for on the go planning of appointments and activities.  

I am using the Noteshelf 2 app on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil. I tried several different apps to find one that I liked the best, and Noteshelf 2 won. 

Noteshelf 2

I have categories in the Noteshelf 2 app for the different areas of my life that I plan for on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Above you can see the Home & Farm category with the notebooks that I have so far. I also have categories for Homeschooling, Bible Study, and Blogging & VA Work.

Planner Categories

With digital planning, there is no more wasted paper or printer ink. I have accumulated a plethora of planner page downloads that I can upload or import to Noteshelf, I will never run out of planner pages or design choices. I can also add images, emoji stickers, and even audio to my planner. So I still get all of the “bling!”

Planner Bling Options

Plan of Action Digital Planning Pages

But of course, I had to create my own pages. It’s what I do. I created these Plan of Action Daily Planning Pages for my day to day personal planning.

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  1. Martha

    Hey Jenny, all designs are so pretty and elegant. Could we have the hourly daily planners?

    1. Jenny

      So sorry about that! The button has been fixed, you can now download the planning pages.

  2. Sharon Gore

    This is so great! I totally needed something to keep me organized and this will be perfect!

    1. Jenny

      I am glad that you will be able to use these planning pages!

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