Creating a Morning Routine to Start Your Homeschool Day

Creating a morning routine is a great way to start your homeschool day. Whether your whole household is up and ready to go by 6 a.m. or school starts closer to 10 a.m. enjoying the ritual of morning time together starts the day off on the right foot and creates a wonderful bonding time that will transform your homeschool.

Creating a Morning Routine

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Morning routines look different for each and every family. It might be morning devotions around the breakfast table and then cleaning up together, it may be an elaborate put together basket of memorization, classical music cd’s, read aloud, flashcards, and board games. Whatever it looks like in your house it is about building memories and closer bonds with your children, and you will find their relationships improve too!

Creating A Morning Routine

Start the night before- Morning time doesn’t have to be difficult and overplanned but a little preparation will definitely help it go more smoothly. Gather your materials for the next day in a basket, box, or stacked on the kitchen table. Sometimes I have a whole theme going for our morning routine, sometimes it’s random items grabbed the night before, sometimes it stays the same all week and other times its a daily change up, but I prepare it the night before so there is no scrambling in the morning.

Take care of mom first- First, get enough sleep for yourself. Then have your own morning time rituals, coffee, Bible, prayer, the news, reading for pleasure, adult coloring books, whatever it is that you enjoy in the morning. Fill your own cup and get mentally prepared for the day, even if it means getting up a little earlier than the rest of the house.

Feed the crowd- If your bunch doesn’t wake up hungry start with a small snack, even if you just leave out a granola bar or some fruit for snacking while you have your morning time. We begin with a quick snack and a fuller breakfast after our morning routine so everyone has a chance to fully wake up.

Start slow- If you have never done a morning routine/morning basket you don’t have to jump into reading aloud, music study, art study, flashcards, memorization, etc… all at once.  Choose one or two things the first week to add to your day, our favorite is reading aloud, all ages pile up together on the couch to read a chapter or two of a good book out loud. The next week add another ritual to your morning time, maybe music study, or a learning game, add until you are happy with the way your morning homeschool routine fits into your family schedule.

What should you include in your morning time? This is totally up to you but I have some suggestions that you might try! It is just about creating a daily ritual that everyone will look forward to.

  • Math fact flashcards
  • Read aloud chapter book
  • Picture books
  • Art Prints
  • Music Cd’s
  • Simple Card/Dice Games
  • Coloring books
  • Playdough, fidget toys for reading time
  • Sewing and other handicrafts
  • Mad Libs
  • Yoga Cards

Do you already have a morning routine? What is your favorite part?

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