Chrome Apps and Extensions for Homeschoolers

Chrome apps and extensions are great for daily web browsing. From extensions that block annoying ads to ones that help us cut down on tab madness, there are so many tools that can make a little more simple. If you use Chrome, you may already have a variety of apps or extension enabled on your computer. But have you checked out the ones that are great for homeschoolers? If not, you’re in for a treat. Read on to learn about Chrome apps and extensions that homeschool parents and students alike can use to make their lives easier.

chrome apps and extensions

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Check them out! You may find one (or several) that you and your family would benefit from.


Looking for a way to improve your kids’ written communication? Grammarly is a great resource. More than simply correcting spelling errors, Grammarly helps teach you how to improve your grammar over time.- whether you’re using social media, drafting a paper in Google Docs, or sending an important email. You can also take advantage of their insights and performance stats to see how your grammar is improving.


Do you or your kids struggle with staying focused when you’re online? Do you get on with the intention of working on a project or finally getting through your emails only to get distracted reading Reddit threads, browsing Facebook, or laughing at Youtube videos? If so, Stayfocusd (no it’s not a typo, lol) could be just the extension that you need. This productivity extension helps you to minimize the time that you spend on time-wasting or distracting websites. It’s pretty customizable as well. You can choose the websites you want to limit access to, set time limits for how much time can be spent on them per day, the time of the day that they can be accessed, and when you want to start limiting them. So, if you only want to be able to access social media for 30 minutes a day – you can do that. If you want to block all but a few websites for the day, you can do that as well. It’s totally up to you! They also have a “Nuke ‘em” option if you’re really desperate for some focus.


Speaking of staying focused on tasks, do you need help reminding your older kids of what they need to do while they’re online? Todoist is a task manager that is perfect for solo use or for collaborating with teams (including your family). You can use it to keep track of school projects, appointments, meetings, rehearsals, practices, and so much more. You can even break tasks down into sub-tasks, color-code tasks for each family member, and prioritize tasks so that everyone in the family is making the best use of your collective time.

Google Dictionary

Have your kids ever been browsing a website for an assignment and come across a word or phrase that they didn’t understand? Rather than searching for their dictionary or heading over to, they can use the Google Dictionary extension. With this extension enabled, they can simply double-click on any word or phrase and a pop-up will teach them what the term means. It even automatically translates words to your language of choice (it supports 20 different languages currently)! As an added bonus, it also stores a handy history of the words that have been looked up so that your kids can practice them later. Pretty cool, eh?


Have kids that use art as a creative outlet? Trying to encourage your kids to do more drawing? If so, you should try out the Sketchpad extension. It enables you to sketch drawings right on your computer or tablet without having to buy programs like Photoshop. You can even save and print the sketches. Not only that, you can color them on the screen as well. This can be a great tool for your art curriculum or just to give your kids even more time to stretch their creative muscles- whether it’s for fun or to relieve some stress.

Hey Habit

I’m a firm believer in teaching kids life skills. Two critical life skills that even adults struggle with are goal-setting and project management. There’s where Hey Habit comes in handy. This extension gets rid of your boring “new tab” page and replaces it with a personal dashboard that you design to help you build healthy habits, achieve important goals, and tackle big projects. I also love that it prompts you to jot down daily gratitudes. That’s never a bad thing, right?


Did you know that having good posture is important for overall health? It makes it easier for you to breathe fully and strongly, helping your oxygen travel throughout your body. It helps improve circulation and digestion by preventing your organs from being compressed. And, of course, it helps your spine stay healthy. However, sitting at a computer for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your posture. Help remedy that with the PostureMinder extension. You can set fun reminders that pop up and remind you and your family to sit up straight or even to take a little walk. This is great for homeschoolers who use online study programs as part of their curriculum that require them to sit at the computer for long stretches of time.


Are you subscribed to a bunch of online homeschool programs and are constantly forgetting which username/password combo goes with which site? If so, LastPass is a huge timesaver! It saves all of your login info for various sites you visit. Then, as long as you are logged in to LastPass, it will automatically fill in your login info. No more trying out 5 different combos, submitting password requests, or having to change your password. Have multiple logins for the same site? No problem! You can choose which one you need each time?

I’m sure there are some other cool Chrome apps and extensions that I haven’t tried yet. If you use one that I missed, please comment below and let me know what you use and how it has helped to simplify your homeschool.

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