DIY Chalkboard City {Rainy Day Activity}

Have you seen these yet? These literally stopped me in my tracks at Walmart!  I seriously have to fight very strong urges to purchase anything that is a chalkboard or whiteboard. I have a small obsession with all things chalkboard and/or whiteboard. I knew these would make a great addition to my craft room but what was I going to actually do with them? Then it dawned on me, at least for the Chalkboard tape, a DIY Chalkboard City – the perfect rainy day activity for Everett!

Chalkboard Tape

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One of Everett’s favorite outdoor activities is playing with his hot wheels & chalk cities. Since the wet and cold seasons are upon us, I thought an indoor version of those sidewalk chalk cities would be a great rainy day activity, as well as, to keep Everett busy during lessons with Eli or when I need to get some blogging or housework finished.

Sidewalk Chalk City

To make the Chalkboard City, I taped four chalkboard foam boards (I found these at Michael’s a few weeks prior) together with the chalkboard tape. (I really should have taken a picture of each step, but writing a blog post didn’t enter my mind until after I finished it…does that ever happen to you?) The chalkboard tape made perfect roads, so I added a few extra pieces to make more roads.

Rainy Day Activity

And just like when we play outside, Everett directed me in what buildings he wanted and where they should go. We added a museum, hospital, police and fire stations, a house, grocery store, our church, a gas station, a pond, and a playground….everything you need for a perfect neighborhood.

DIY Chalkboard City for a Rainy Day Activity

And here a few more fun “chalkboard” ideas that I found online that I wanted to share with you!

This idea from Sugar Bee Crafts is my absolute favorite and will make for great holiday photo sessions with the kids!

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