Building a Homeschool Library ~ December

Hello! And Welcome back to another edition of Building A Homeschool Library ~ One Thrift Store at a Time!

Today I will be sharing with you all of the lovely books that I found at the thrift store in December. I was able to go on the day that the all of the books are marked down to only $.25 each. We didn’t get there until a little after noon, so the shelf for the children’s books was a little picked over already. But I managed to find a few good books.

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I mentioned last month, I am that I am trying to teach myself to be slightly more focused on only buying books that I know we will actually be using in the coming months. ~ok, confession time- it’s a real struggle for me! I see a book and even though I know we don’t have anything really planned, I start thinking “but what if” …you know for that random day when one of the kids says “hey mom, how do you make maple syrup?” And then you think… “oh crud, we don’t have any books about maple syrup” …. That doesn’t happen to you?

Ok, so my focus was slightly off in December….not too many of the books that I picked up actually have a purpose but they were only a quarter, so I don’t feel so bad!

I Wonder What A Rainforest Is by Annabelle Donati

Yagua Days by Cruz Martel

Ira Says Goodbye by Bernard Waber – we also own Ira Sleeps Over

Hilidilid’s Night by Cheli Duran Ryan

Bembelman’s Bakery by Melinda Green

The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta – Here’s another confession-we already own this book! I thought maybe we did, but I wasn’t certain so I grabbed it.

Frederick Douglass Fights for Freedom by Margaret Davidson – we might actually use this one in February for African-American History Month.

A Picture Book of the U.S.A. by Beth Goodman

Pocahontas: Girl of Jamestown by Kate Jassem – We have quite the collection of history books from Troll Associates.

Three Samurai Cats: A Story from Japan retold by Eric A. Kimmel

{Coloring Book} Welcome to Our Sugarhouse by Jean Fischer – now we have something to cover maple syrup, if the need arises! *the price for this coloring book on Amazon is crazy!!

{Coloring Book} Meet the Wonders of America from USPS

 So there are all of my December thrift store finds for our homeschool library. There are two days in January for $.25 books at Hosparus that I am hoping to get to. Also, this month I will be doing a small clean out of our library, I need to make some room! I will selling curriculum items that we are not using and/or donating books that have been hanging around for long time at Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping during the yearly auction week.

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  1. Jennifer Dawn

    We homeschool too. I obviously need to start shopping at thrift stores to find these great deal. I haven’t heard of some of the books you shared, but I’m excited to hunt them down.

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