Building A Homeschool Library #1

Buying curriculum and other books to build your homeschool library can be pretty expensive, especially if you try to buy new books all of the time. Like most homeschool families, we live on a single-income so our education budget is limited. Living on a limited budget you learn to cut costs wherever possible. Cutting costs on our children’s education doesn’t mean that they get stuck with poor quality curriculum and books, it just means that not everything has to be in brand-new packaging.

 Homeschool Library, One Thrift Store at a Time

The way we cut costs on books for our homeschool library is to buy second-hand from thrift stores and garage sales.

I usually spend a few hours each month scouring the local Goodwill’s.  We have 5 bookshelves in our house completely full of books, I would say that I could probably only fill one or two shelves with books that I actually paid full price for.
Building a Homeschool Library, One Thrift Store at a Time -
Last months Thrift Store haul: 33 books for $25

Most of the time I am pretty good about remembering what books we have all ready, but there have been a few occasions that I have come home with duplicate books. What do I do with the duplicate books? If I have two or three duplicate books, I will resell them as a lot or donate them to the Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping group. However, I recently came across an app called Home Library (well worth the $5) that I have been scanning our books in to {one shelf at a time}. Soon I will have a complete list of books that we own with me on my phone. Now when I am not sure if we all ready own a book, I can look it up on the app to see if I am about to purchase a duplicate book.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I will soon be hitting the garage sales! Garage sales are usually even less expensive than the Thrift Stores, so I get more bang for my buck!

How do you cut costs when building your homeschool library?

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  1. Serenity

    Hello. Found your site through unpluggedfamily. I’m new to homeschooling and have purchased books, but mostly new. My fear would be that the books will have mold in them that will spread like wildfire to other books. Have you ever had this problem? Perhaps I’m just paranoid!

    1. Jenny

      I have never had that problem with any books from thrift stores. I am pretty thorough though when inspecting the books before I buy them.

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