Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words

Everett (5) is just now getting to the point of wanting to know what letters spell and what words say. We have recently started with introducing a few sight words here and there. Everett loves to do school work on the computer or on a tablet/iPad so anytime I can find an app or online program that will keep his attention long enough to actually learn, we use it to its fullest abilities. While we already have an online program that Everett enjoys and uses daily for reading, changing things up a bit can help alleviate homeschool boredom that happens occasionally. So I was excited when the Multicultural Kids Blog offered us the opportunity to review the Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words app.  I love trying out new curriculum and learning resources!!

Reading Magic Sight Words app

What is the Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words appIt is an interactive, reading app that teaches children to recognize, read, and spell common sight words

Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words App Review

Bob Books are popular early reading books but we have not really had much experience with them, although we do have a set of the books on the bookshelf that I found at a thrift store for extremely cheap! While we were reviewing this app I decided I would pull the books off of the shelf. Everett was tickled to see that the books and the Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words app went “together”.

Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words App


Everett sat playing this “game” for 20 or more minutes at a time for the past 10 or so days. He would ask each day to play. He would get so involved in the game that it was hard to get his attention to ask him how he liked it, as you can see in this video….

Bob Books Reading Magic Sight Words app was created by Bob Books Publications and released in July of 2015. The cost is $3.99 in the iTunes store and is appropriate for ages 5 and under. There are 4 levels to help your child learn to read and spell 30 common sight words with several types of games, including a drag and drop the letters game, tracing letters with their finger, and a spinner to find the correct letter.

Check out the preview video below….

Overall, we have enjoyed this app and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fun, engaging way to help their child learn to read.


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