Blogging Goals for the New Year

I am not a big blogger. I would love to be, I honestly feel led to blogging. I just can’t seem to get my blogging  consistent though so I have decided that I need a few blogging goals for 2016 to work towards.

So #1 on my list of blogging goals is: Be Consistent! Post regular content, at least 3 times per week.

In order for me to be consistent with my posting I need to actually use a blog planner to organize my blogging.  I say actually because this past year I pieced together a blog planner from a few different freebies that I found on the world wide web…..however, I only used it intermittently through the year. So, naturally my blogging was hap-hazard and intermittent.

Blogging Goals for the New Year

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Now the planner that I pieced together had great parts to it, I truly believe that it was fully functional as a blog planner….when I used it.  There were a few pages that didn’t pertain to me (a sponsors & advertisers page, an expenses & incomes page) because….well because let’s face it, it’s hard to earn an income or gain sponsors with hap-hazard blogging skills.

In 2016 though, another one of my goals is  to hopefully {prayerfully} earn an income from my blog. At least enough of an income to pay for my domain name and the extra blogging goodies like Hootsuite, PicMonkey, Rafflecopter, and a few others that have premium memberships that I am paying for.

I thought about buying a blog planner, perhaps if I paid money for it I would definitely use it. But then I would  just be adding to my already long-list of  blog expenses. So I created my own for this coming year of blogging.

Blogging Goals - Blog Planner ~ faithandgoodworks.comI printed and bound (this is the comb-binder I have, love it!) my new blog planner and have been using it for the month of December….and already my blogging has improved (I feel like it has anyway) and my blog following has grown a bit. That’s so exciting and inspirational to see your blog stats go up a little each day.

There are 23 pages, including the cover, in my blog planner.

I am not using all of the pages in my planner but I wanted to create a one that other bloggers might need & use. I will be sharing in January exactly how I am using my planner and what else I will be using to get my blogging organized and consistent. {**Hint: EvernoteAs well as, sharing more of my blogging goals for 2016!

See I am already planning ahead for more posts! 

I was going to make this printable a subscriber freebie, however, I haven’t quite figured out how to do that (also on my list of blogging  goals – learn how to use WordPress!) So here’s the link to download and print out your copy of my blog planner and if you haven’t already….make sure you subscribe to my email list, either in the little box in the sidebar or in the pop-up thingy.

P.S. Speaking of Goals….I have a 2015 Goal that I am still working on and am so, so close to reaching…I am trying to reach 1200 Likes on my Facebook page, so if you haven’t already LIKED  it won’t you please hop on over and do so! Thanks a bunch!!!

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  1. Glenda Cates

    I have been looking for a Blog planner as I need to become more serious about blogging and staying on track. So, as soon as I get my husband to set my planner up I will print it out and I thank you for taking the time to put one together for us. Also, I found you on Thaleia Maher website from her Word of the Year Post. I enjoyed seeing what you chose.

    1. Jenny

      Thank you for stopping by! I hope this blog planner helps you stay on track with your blogging.

  2. Hil

    That’s so cool you made your own. I just bought one two weeks ago (similar goals to yours) but I think that is just brilliant to make your own. I am going to have to download it for another time.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Bloggers Spotlight over the holidays, your pin was added to our group board. Check back next Thursday to see who was featured and link up again.

  3. Andrea

    Thanks for sharing this! I found you through the homeschool bloggers network FB group! I am working on blog goals for the year too, and your printables will be helpful. Happy New Year!

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