A Family & Blog Update {Homeschool Mama’s Daybook – July 2017}

It has been quite some time since my last blog post. Six months have passed. This hiatus wasn’t intentional; life just got in the way. If you are still hanging around, waiting patiently for me to post something – thank you! I am back, and I thought I would post a little family & blog update, Homeschool Mama’s Daybook style.

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I am sure you are familiar with a “daybook” (also known as “journal”) type blog post. The Homeschool Mama’s Daybook has several different writing prompts to help you write your post. It doesn’t get much easier than that for blogging! There is a variety of prompts you can use all of the prompts or just pick out the ones that apply to your day.

Outside My Window….

It’s 10:00 pm on Sunday night, so it’s dark. The generator is running to give the batteries (our homestead is completely off-the-grid) a good charge before we all head to bed.

In the Family Room….

The dogs (we have three) are all laying on the floor, Hubby is watching YouTube videos on his phone, Eli is watching YouTube videos on his iPad, Everett is watching The Land Before Time, and I am writing this blog post.

I am Learning….

So many things! Aside from all of the homesteading stuff to learn, I am also attending online courses through Regent University. I am working towards an Associate’s Degree. My major is currently Criminal Justice but I am seriously reconsidering this idea and switching to Christian & Biblical Studies as my major.

What I am Reading….

One of the required reading books for a course that I am taking at Regent University is called Connected: Living in the Light of the Trinity by Sam Allberry. Of the six different required books that I am reading, this one has been the most enjoyed and enlightening.

“Sam Allberry shows us that the Trinity really matters; in fact, this insight God gives us into himself has enormous implications for how we understand him and how we understand ourselves-as beings made in his image. The Trinity shows us that the persons of God in their oneness are both unique and perfectly integrated. In his triune nature, his relational qualities are foundational to our understanding of the unity and diversity of the church and the equality of and differences between men and women.”~from the back of the book.

In the Kitchen….

We do not have a complete kitchen yet, all of the appliances are there, but the sink and stove are not hooked up. All of the cooking is done on the grill outside. We are hoping to get the sink connected to the water supply this week. This would be so wonderful; then we could use real dishes instead of paper plates because we will have a place to wash them!

On the Homestead….

Back in June, we bought ten chickens from Rural King. They were the cutest little chicks. Funny thing though, turns out, they aren’t chickens, they are turkeys. I must admit though, I was a little bummed to find out we were not going to be having fresh eggs anytime soon. But, so far the turkeys have been super easy to raise and quite enjoyable little critters to hang out with.

A few weeks ago, we swapped five of the turkeys for four hens and a rooster with our friends from Shady Coop Farm. Each morning I am awakened by our rooster, whose name is now Mr. Brown, as he sings his cock-a-doodle-doodling. The hens have blessed us with over a dozen eggs so far. The boys swear that these eggs taste 100 times better than the store bought eggs. I agree. I actually have about two dozen store bought eggs left in the fridge that no one is eating because we are really enjoying our farm-fresh eggs.

Here are a few pictures of the chicken coop that my Hubby built. We used wood that we had left over from building our house and some that we salvaged from an old barn that was torn down on my parents land. The metal roof was left over from our house. The only materials that we bought for this build is the hardware cloth that is along the bottom half of the coop.

blog update - chicken coop

In My Garden….

The garden is growing very well right now. We have corn, watermelon, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, and potatoes. Although, we suspect that our corn seems to be a new hide out at night for deer.

Around the House….

Lots of construction is happening, as we expand the three-room cabin into a three bedroom house.

In Our Homeschool Room….

We will have a fantastic homeschool room again soon. I can’t wait to start organizing and decorating it.

Homeschooling Plans for next week/month….

We have been working on a few lessons here and there over the last few weeks.  We have been so busy with adjusting to our new homesteading life that we have been very unschoolish in our homeschooling for the past year. This week will be getting back to a full schedule of lessons. We will be using MobyMax for about six weeks because it has excellent learning assessments to help us get back on track with our homeschooling. I am working on putting together a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum for the boys to begin in September or October. The Charlotte Mason method has always interested me, we have used some in the past – although we almost always end up going back to full on unschooling in the middle of a school year. I am working on combining the two methods for a bit more structure and record-keeping purposes.

Blog Update…. 

So as far as blogging goes, I am making plans to get this blog rolling this year. I enjoy blogging when I am actively doing it. There may be a few changes in the works, like possibly a rebranding and facelift. I am setting goals for myself, and in October I will be attending the 2:1 Conference. A few posts that you may be seeing more of, aside from the usual homeschool resources, will be recipe round ups, more product reviews, our homesteading journey, and more.

I will be posting a monthly Homeschool Mama’s Daybook on the last Monday of each month. A great feature of a “daybook” style post is that it usually includes a link up. And Homeschool Mama’s Daybook is no different! So grab the writing prompts and get your blog on! Then come back here and link up your post so others can read and share!

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  1. Welcome back to blogging. I enjoyed reading your plans. I can relate to needing a blogging break. I just started a few months ago and even a post a week is difficult to juggle. Excited to read more of your posts in the future <3.

  2. Heidi Ciravola

    We got chickens this year on the co-op farm where we ride horses. They have been so much fun to watch grow and begin to lay eggs!

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