A Big List of Homeschool Planning Resources

It’s that time of year for homeschool mama’s all over! Time for Homeschool Planning. Time to skim through curriculum catalogs, thumb through textbooks, browse the internet…all to find the best resources and materials for the new homeschool year. Or maybe this is your first year, you just made the decision to homeschool your children and you have no idea where to begin or you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the many decisions and choices that are available. Maybe you need a few new ideas for organizing all of your homeschool supplies…

homeschool planning resources.

Below is a list (a BIG list) of resources for homeschool planning, organizing, & more that I hope will help & inspire you while planning out your homeschool year.

When You Decide to Homeschool – Where Do You Start?

How to Get Started Homeschooling from Our Roaming Hearts.

Choose a Homeschool Approach, Understand Your Child First from A Quiet Simple Life

Setting Homeschool Goals from Coffee with Us 3

Insanely Easy Large Family Homeschooling Tips + Simple Homeschool Checklist from Hess Un-Academy

Developing Homeschool Schedules & Routines

How to Plan Your Homeschool Day from This Bit of Life

Our Daily Schedule and How It Works from Encouraging Moms at Home.

Creating a Morning Routine to Start Your Homeschool Day

Creating a Block Schedule in your Homeschool from Adventures in Mommydom

Planning and Scheduling for Multiple Children from The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

Homeschool 101: Scheduling Homeschool from Raising Royalty

Preschool Daily Schedules from The Educators’ Spin On It

How Do I Teach With So Many Kids? – {Have a Schedule or Routine} from My Joy-filled Life.

Sample Yearly Curriculum Plans

Planning An Eclectic, Unschooling, Charlotte Mason-Inspired Curriculum

eclectic unschooling cm curriculum

A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculum plan from The Unplugged Family.

A preschool & kindergarten curriculum from Feathers in our Nest.

An eclectic curriculum for Junior High, Elementary, & Preschool from The Unlikely Homeschool.

A Curriculum for 3rd & 7th Grade from Worshipful Living.

Planners & Planning Pages

FIAR Lesson Planner {Free}

lesson planner.

Printable Preschool Planning Page from What Can We Do with Paper & Glue {Free}

These Printable Planners from Sallie Borrink are absolutely beautiful! {$14.99}

Free Homeschool Planning Pages from My Joy-filled Life.

A simple printable homeschool planning page that your child can use to keep their schoolwork organized.

Planning Your Homeschool One Quarter at a Time + Charlotte Mason Quarterly Planner from Everyday Graces

Create an Easy to Edit, Homeschool Weekly Assignment Sheet from Big Family Blessings.

Morning Basket Planning Page

Morning Time Basket Planning Page

How to Create a Homeschool Morning Book Basket from Wander Homeschooling

Organizing Your Homeschool

Organizing NotebooksOrganizing Lesson Plans from Adventures in Mommydom

Record Keeping for the Not-so Organized Homeschool Mom from Encouraging Moms at Home

Set Up and Organize Your Homeschool in a Small Space from How Borgeous.

Homeschool Storage Solutions from Family Style Schooling.

When you have been homeschooling for awhile

Do you Need to Change Your Homeschool Plan?

10 Activities to Do to Beat Homeschool Burnout

homeschool burnout

This Interview with a Homeschool Mom Blog Series has great tips from 17 different homeschool moms.

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