Best Resources to Teach Your Child to Cook

Teach Your Child to Cook. As children get more independent, they often want to venture into other interesting aspects of life and what they see done on a daily basis. Cooking is usually one of the first things a lot of kids have an interest in as they get older.

This is good because as they learn and practice through the years, their techniques will only improve. Teaching them how to cook and improve their techniques will only benefit them as they grow to be adults.

teach your child to cook.

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Kids may even have an interest in becoming a chef, nutritionist, take an interest in dietary subjects or choose another profession that will benefit others. As they are learning how to cook, they may not realize it, but they are also learning math, science, reading and other subject areas.

Luckily, there are a ton of great resources out there for helping kids learn how to cook.

Best Resources to Teach Your Child to Cook

Friends, Family and You

Friends, family, and parents can be a great resource for teaching children how to cook. If you think about it, yourself and other family members are what have perked their interest in cooking, to begin with.

You can pass down any cooking tips you’ve learned throughout the years you’ve spent cooking, share recipe secrets that have been passed down throughout the generations, and have other friends and family members teach them their tips and secrets.

Not only will this benefit the children, but it’s also a great way to spend some quality time together.

Fun YouTube Channels for Teaching Your Child to Cook

YouTube has become a popular way to learn how to cook. There are many great educational videos that show you how to cook or prepare something specific. Below are a few of the more popular channels that are a great resource for kids.

Nerdy Nummies – Hosted by Rosanna Pansino, Nerdy Nummies is a cooking channel that is kid-friendly, and she creates recipes that are fun and entertaining to keep kids interested. With a focus mostly on baked goods that are cute and fun, she does do other interesting food-related videos that kids would be interested in.

The Bow Girls – A cooking show which started with two young sisters, Briena and Britney, who love to cook and help others learn how to cook. They began their cooking experience at the age of 5 and never stopped cooking and creating delicious kid-friendly foods and treats. Although they don’t produce too many videos, the videos they do share are educational and can always be a resource or children interested in cooking.

Family Fun Pack/Kid Size Cooking – Not only does this channel have fun non-cooking videos that kids will enjoy; their series called Kid Size Cooking is a great tool for children. The channel features their 5 young kids as they learn to cook some of their favorite family recipes.

Kids Cooking Classes

Many local programs often have cooking classes that are designed just for kids. These classes are often led by cooking instructors and other parents who enjoy teaching nutrition and healthy cooking.

If you live in a small town or don’t have any local cooking classes for kids in the area, there are many online classes that kids can take instead.

The Kids Cooking School offers various classes, challenges, and online videos to help kids learn how to cook. They also offer a summer camp, there is usually a waitlist for camp, so signing up early is helpful. More information about the classes and cooking camp can be found at

Cooking Matters is a great program that helps teach kids and families to cook healthy meals with a limited food budget. They offer hands-on cooking courses, interactive grocery store tours, online videos and courses, and digital courses to help with cooking skills and food education. To see all of their resources and food programs you can visit them online at

Kids Cookbooks to Teach Your Child to Cook

Whether your children already have the basics down or are just getting started, kid-friendly cookbooks are great resources for teaching your child to cook.

Typically, cookbooks for kids will not only have easy recipes that they can make, but there will also be fun facts or educational information about the ingredients and cooking techniques. Kids will love being able to create the images they see in the cookbook and enjoy eating what they just made.

The Complete Cookbook for Younger Chefs is very popular or kids who have an interest in cooking. Along with the kid-tested recipes, the book also features educational information about nutrition, kitchen safety, and healthy eating.

Baking Class is the follow-up to the popular Cooking Class book and features fun recipes that kids will love to create and enjoy. The recipes are easy to follow and there are step-by-step pictures they can follow as they go along with the recipe. Basic baking skills are also introduced, these skills include how to knead dough, decorate cookies and more.

Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook is a great resource that’s filled with helpful tips and recipes that toddlers can help create. This is a great way to make memories as well, along with the easy recipes, each recipe has space where you can write down your experiences. You can use this space to critique the recipe or share fun experiences you had while following along. This can make for a great keepsake that can be passed down to your children as they get older too!

In addition to learning and following recipes, kids should be learning about food and kitchen safety. While many of the resources above and cooking videos teach cooking safety, there are other resources that will be a valuable resource.

Kitchen and food safety should be taught first and should be continued and reinforced as they learn to cook, so if you’re looking for some resources to get you started, here are some great sites to check out.

  2. Choose My Plate

There are many benefits to teaching kids how to cook and it’s usually pretty natural for it to pique their curiosity at a young age. When they do have an interest in cooking, let them be creative and learn everything they can about cooking so that as they get older they become more independent and are prepared to take care of themselves.

Do you have any favorite resources that you have used to teach your child to cook?

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